Officer Hao is a good steward of the community!He has worked hard to create a warm business environment.

Officer Hao is a good steward of the community!He has worked hard to create a warm business environment.

  Tianjin Northern Network News:In the first lesson for new employees, the police explain anti-fraud knowledge; in order to save costs for the company, the police form a volunteer team of security guards from more than a dozen companies in the park; when the company orders the police to run errands, it saves time and trouble…the police mentioned here It was Hao Ji from the Wuxia Police Station of the Dongli Branch of the Public Security Bureau. He was called “Good Man Hao Ji” by more than a dozen companies in the Wuxia Street Economic Development Zone Industrial Park.

Wuxia Street Economic Development Zone Industrial Park is the third police station of Chunxiali Community managed by Wuxia Police Station of Dongli Branch of the Public Security Bureau. This police station is different from ordinary residential communities. It only has 12 members, but it forms the most famous police station in Wuxia Street and even Dongli District. Economically vibrant communities. There are 2 central enterprises, 1 mixed enterprise, and 9 private enterprises. They are not many in number, but their per capita output value ranks among the best. As a community policeman and deputy secretary of Chunxiali Community, Hao Ji is responsible for connecting with these 12 companies.

 The first lesson of corporate entry

Listen to the e-fraud propaganda first

On November 1, in the cold rain, police officer Hao Ji and his colleagues rushed to Tianjin Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as First Heavy Industry Group) in the industrial park as scheduled to teach the newly recruited employees here the knowledge of preventing electricity fraud. Just in the first half of this year, an employee of the company fell into an electronic fraud trap and was convinced of it. After receiving the call, Hao Ji immediately found the employee, helped him analyze the situation, pointed out doubts, and advised him to avoid financial losses. “Thanks to Officer Hao’s frequent publicity, everyone was alert. We felt that this colleague was acting a bit strange, so we quickly called the police.”

The Wuxia Street Economic Development Zone Industrial Park is characterized by high population mobility, with less than a thousand people in the park, half of whom are floating population. When the recruitment season comes, every factory has many employees who have just arrived in Jincheng. The Dongli Branch of the Public Security Bureau and the Wuxia Police Station have the Party and Mass Service Center as the core to carry out precise electronic fraud propaganda and prevention for migrant workers. It has become a tacit understanding between the company and the community that new employees in the company should listen to the anti-email fraud propaganda in their first lesson.

  Organize corporate security personnel

Established Haihe Volunteer Police Team

There are not many people in Wuxia Street Economic Development Zone, but the area is quite large. Every time there is extreme weather, places such as substations and Haihe rivers need to be patrolled. At this time, the number of security personnel seems to be stretched thin. The total number of security personnel of the two state-owned enterprises, CFHI and China Automotive Research Institute New Energy Vehicle Inspection Center (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Automotive Research Institute), is only 30, and the number of security personnel of private enterprises is only single digits. “It is unrealistic to equip every factory with security personnel. If the security personnel are organized into a team for security, will this problem be solved?” Hao Ji shared his ideas with the companies in the police grid and got everyone’s agreement. Agree, the Economic Development Zone Haihe Volunteer Police Team was established. There are large-scale fire drills in the park, and everyone acts together; on holidays, everyone is on duty together; in extreme weather, everyone is on duty together… A volunteer team of more than 40 people from more than a dozen companies got to know each other and cooperated with each other in operations, forming a team. A strong security force.

“During the flood season this year, there have been continuous heavy rains in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. Thanks to Officer Hao and his vigilante team, they patrolled the Haihe embankment and reinforced the flood control sandbags on the courtyard walls, so we can produce with peace of mind.” Meng Lingjian, the director of the First Heavy Security Department, expressed his sincere gratitude to the team members for their duty on rainy days. like. “We don’t have many security personnel. We really have taken advantage of the vigilante group. Otherwise, such a large factory cannot take care of us.” It does not increase the company’s labor costs, but also enjoys high-standard security treatment. The heads of several private enterprises are not satisfied with this kind of security. I agree with the way the team is formed.

 Design planning is in place early

The most difficult laboratory is completed ahead of schedule

China Automotive Research Institute is a state-owned enterprise that inspects new energy vehicle equipment, covering an area of ​​308 acres and investing more than 1.9 billion yuan. Hao Ji, as the police district chief, has become a frequent visitor here since the dispute between construction workers in the early days of the factory’s construction in 2020.

Hu Xueyong, the relevant person in charge of the Comprehensive Support Department of China Automotive Research Institute, told reporters that because of Hao Ji’s help, their laboratory was put into use more than two months earlier than originally planned. “We estimate that the annual revenue will be around 600 million yuan. Putting it into production ahead of schedule is a real asset to the company.” It turns out that the company’s laboratory involves a lot of special materials and requires a lot of processes in the construction approval process. In order to avoid detours in the construction of the laboratory, Hao Ji went to the relevant departments of the Dongli Branch of the Public Security Bureau for advice many times, and then returned to the company for on-the-spot guidance. “If I think more, the company will run less.” Hao Ji visits the company five times a week. At the frequency, Hu Xueyong and his colleagues’ frowns relaxed, “We sometimes like to compare Officer Hao to a courier boy. As long as our company places an order, he is always the first to come and pick up the work.”

“The third police station in the Chunxiali community under our jurisdiction is characterized by the large number of enterprises. In fact, the way to serve the residential community and the corporate community are the same. Users place orders according to their needs, and we can take them with care.” Hao Ji summarized his work Experience. (Liu Ying, editor of Jinyun News)


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