‘Officialism in Mexico will tremble like in Argentina,’ says Gálvez

‘Officialism in Mexico will tremble like in Argentina,’ says Gálvez

The sole candidate for the June 2024 presidential elections of the opposition Frente Amplio por México, won the elections in that country on Sunday.

Milei, 53 years old and leader of the La Libertad Avanza party, won the Argentine elections in the second round by obtaining 55.6% of the votes to beat the official candidate Sergio Massa and He will become the next president of the country after campaigning with an “anti-caste” speech and a provocative tone.

“I do not share his views with Milei and I make that clear, but I do recognize that he won with a democratic triumph,” Gálvez told the media after his second act on the pre-campaign kick-off day in Ciudad Juárez, bordering the United States, then starting at midnight in the state of Guerrero.

“In the last 16 elections that have taken place in America, 15 have been won by the opposition, so the ruling party It is going to start to shake here in Mexico too because there will also be a great participation here and I hope they have the democratic vocation that Argentina had,” he noted.

The opponent, second in the polls, recalled that in Mexico “everyone knows that I am not from the extreme right, they know that I am a woman of freedoms, in fact (the ruling party) constantly attacks me for these positions, What I recognize is that democracy won in Argentina and in Argentina they did not beat around the bush and the party in power recognized defeat,” he explained.

After Milei’s victory, Gálvez, a senator licensed by the conservative National Action Party (PAN), congratulated him and greeted the people of Argentina.

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