Olympics, History and Environment: three options for the next edition of the carnival

Olympics, History and Environment: three options for the next edition of the carnival

An Olympic, historic or greener than ever Carnival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. These are the three options proposed by the festival organization to set the scene for its 2025 edition: the Olympics, History or the Environment. Each of the proposals has its own appeal for the public and the large family that joins each year in the celebration of some Festivals of International Tourist Interest which, by tradition, revolve around a particular creative universe that is always different each time a new edition is called.

The mayor of the city, Carolina Darias and the Carnival councilor, Immaculate Medinahave been in charge of announcing the three allegories that, from this Monday afternoon until 12:00 p.m. next Saturday, February 17, will be able to be chosen by all citizens through a telematic voting system.

Specifically, it will be necessary send an SMS to the phone number 928 101 025 with the word Carnival followed by a space and the name of the favorite theme. However, we will have to wait until the next day to know the result of the vote that will be revealed after the Burning of the Sardine.

The Chiramay and Nuevo Estilo troupes have been in charge of setting the rhythm, before and after respectively, to the act that was attended by the brand new Queen, Katia Gutiérrez Thime; the Great Lady, Eva Costa Santiago and the Children’s Queen, Liah Guardia Suárez. The presentation of the three themes establishes the bases of the Carnival to come and the organization does so counting on the lovers of the capital’s festival.

And the citizens will play a fundamental role in choosing the allegory. To do this, they will have to choose between a carnival that revolves around History, as much as that of the festival itself in the city in which the first carnival celebration dates back to the 16th century in the centenary neighborhood of Vegueta, where it was exported by the Italian travelers and merchants who began to spread masked balls throughout the capital; or choose a theme that is committed to the planet of the present and the future, championing the protection of the Environment at a time when climate change and the need to preserve the planet have become a primary need for human beings. Finally, voters will be able to support the option of carnivals dedicated to the Olympics, an event as universal as the carnivals that since ancient Greece have called for a meeting between different cultures and that will allow us to realize the open and cosmopolitan character of an party with the aim of exalting the values ​​of freedom and union.

In just six days, the result of the telematic voting will be announced, which will reset the counter to zero by 2025. It will be during the closing day of ‘Los Carnavales del Mundo’, which enters its final week with a busy program of events and concerts of a transitional carnival that is leaving in its wake as much praise as criticism.


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