On which side of a man should a woman sleep and why? Check yourself

On which side of a man should a woman sleep and why?  Check yourself

The strength of the relationship depends on where and who sleeps in the bed Photo: pinterest

This may surprise many, but the strength of family relations depends on which side a woman sleeps next to her husband. From which side is it nearby in a cafe or on a walk.

Everyone knows well that our brain consists of two halves – the right and left hemispheres.

The right hemisphere is responsible for creative thinking, intuition, emotions, the left hemisphere is responsible for logical thinking, operation with numbers, mathematical calculations and other computational schemes. The right hemisphere is responsible for the left side of the human body, and the left hemisphere, on the contrary, for the right. That is, a cross on a cross, writes ukr.media.

Thus, a woman with a developed female nature possesses a developed right hemisphere, and a man, accordingly, a logician, has a developed left hemisphere of the brain.

Thus, physiologically, psychologically, and emotionally, in order to provide each other with the necessary energy in a couple and to be in a harmonious relationship, a woman should position herself to the left of a man – when walking, sitting at a table, in a cafe, and sleeping in the matrimonial bed, she should also be with the left sides from men.

If you are attentive and adhere to this system, you will harmoniously support each other in a couple, because a man is stronger intellectually, but weaker psychologically, and a woman is the opposite.

If you delve into history, you can find information that a woman always placed a cradle with a baby on her left hand. In the same way, a woman had to walk to the left of the man, and their children walked to the left of her. The man held a weapon in his right hand to protect his family in the event of an attack.

In ancient times, it was accepted that the wife was always in the heart of the husband, that is, on his left hand. During the wedding, the bride was placed on the left, and the groom on the right, the same traditions have reached our times, now during the wedding ceremony, the wife should stand to the left of the husband. Because in the temple, the image of the Virgin Mary is on the left, and Jesus Christ is on the right. Only in the registry offices, for a long time was the fact that the bride and groom were placed in reverse, when the future husband was placed on the left, and the exception was only for military personnel, so that they could turn their right hand.

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Pay attention to which side you are used to being next to your husband. If a man is on your left hand, then you will subconsciously perceive him as a child, and he will perceive you as his protection and will not be able to solve complex tasks and take responsibility in a couple.

If a man is on the right, then you will feel protected, and he will be a full-fledged, responsible owner and protector of the family.

If in a couple a woman tends to dominate and always takes a place on the right, then the energy and psychological connection in their union is disrupted – this leads to conflicts and distortion of the correct orientation of places in the couple. A man turns into a slob, a mumbler and a heel, a woman into a domineering owner with clearly expressed masculine qualities of character.

The Japanese have long been distinguished by their special attitude to health, compared to other nations. Japanese couples sleep separately because they have different work schedules. If you wake up your significant other only because you came back late from work or you need to leave early, this will not lead to a good rest. That’s why it makes sense to spend the night in the second room. This will provide them with a peaceful and healthy sleep.

Japanese mothers sleep with their children. Therefore, the father needs to decide whether he wants to sleep in the same bed with them or go to another room. Even science has proven that shared sleep can help parents and children sleep more soundly.


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