Open the secret conversation! ‘Leaders of Going Forward’ invade and negotiate with ‘Buddha Isara’ asking for help supporting the draft amnesty bill.

Open the secret conversation!  ‘Leaders of Going Forward’ invade and negotiate with ‘Buddha Isara’ asking for help supporting the draft amnesty bill.

Moving forward – Chaithawat invades the tiger’s den and opens the negotiation table. “Phutta Issara – former PDRC coalition member” arrives at Wat Or Noi, asking for support for the draft amnesty bill, secretly revealed, heated conversation, disagreeing on the issue of allowing 112 wrongdoers to be acquitted.

20 Nov. 2023 – Mr. Suwit Thongprasert or “Phutta Isara”, former abbot of Wat Or Noi. Nakhon Pathom Province Former People’s Democratic Reform Committee Revealed that last Thursday, November 16, Mr. Chaithawat Tulathon, leader of the Progressive Party with some followers He traveled to meet and talk with himself at O ​​Noi Temple for over an hour. To discuss and ask for opinions, including asking for support in moving the party forward. Presented a draft amnesty bill. Currently, the council is listening to public opinions.

Phuttha Isara revealed the details of the said discussion. Progressive party leader There were two prior appointments to meet. But the time didn’t match until finally we came to talk on 16 November. At O Noi Temple by the leader of the Kao Klai Party It started by telling you that At this time, MPs from the Progressive Party have jointly submitted a draft amnesty bill to the House of Representatives. In the said draft there is also amnesty for those prosecuted under Section 112.

While talking, Mr. Chaithawat said that there are a lot of people who are currently in the 112 case on his side, so he wants to relieve the cases for those people. The case was raised by Mr. Anon Nampa, former leader of the People’s mob. A former lawyer who has now been sentenced by the court and has not been granted bail. After hearing this, we told him that the amnesty in Case 112 was a royal decision of His Majesty the King. It is not the power of the Cabinet or Parliament. And even more so, if you want to amend or ask for the repeal of Section 112, it is considered subversive of the government. Now there is a case at the Constitutional Court where the Kaew Klai Party has filed a petition, telling them that if possible, don’t touch on the issue of 112 in the amnesty.

But the leader of the Kao Klai Party objected that If we do not grant amnesty to those who were also convicted in the 112 case, it is like we have not made a law of reconciliation. Because there are quite a few people who have been affected by Case 112, we are told that I see only you. who have an aggressive and impulsive behavior when compared to various political cases Such as those of the PDRC, UDD, which still have pending cases. This group already has only a few percent. The leader of the Kaew Klai Party said that if 112 is not touched, he is afraid that in the future, more people will be prosecuted for 112.

“He said it as if he were threatening that if Section 112 was not amended, there would be no amnesty for people charged with 112 cases, from now on there would be more people charged with 112 cases. I responded back and said, So what do you have to confirm? If the 112 people are amnesty this time and in the future, there will be no more people with aggressive, violent behavior and attacking the institution. The way it is again He replied that if that’s the case, then we need to talk. So I told him to go back again. If that’s the case, go talk to your group and finish it first. and make it clear until people in the country respect and believe in the institution He can be sure that If there is an amnesty for Case 112, in the future there will be clear measures to support it.

Importantly, there must be a guarantee that People who received amnesty in Case 112 must not commit the same crime again. After receiving amnesty And if you repeat it again What will be the process? That resulted in a harsher punishment. He said that he would take the proposal and talk with them again,” Mr. Suwit said.

Former Abbot of Wat Or Noi which is a former PDRC united front He further said that the party leader has advanced far. Trying to say what the amnesty would be like. which told him that I myself am not interested in this matter. Even if the amnesty law is successfully passed will also benefit But I didn’t feel happy. But you are the ones who seem to be rushing to enact an amnesty law. Because like the former PAD, the former PDRC, he won’t do anything. Because they all accept the law. When you dare to fight Ready to accept the truth that will follow. Therefore, whether the amnesty law is passed or not, we are indifferent because of the past. We fight for the right

“He probably thought we would have a stake. If the amnesty law is successful So I thought of coming to negotiate with him. Because he hopes that we will come out and support his amnesty bill, which is really about reconciliation. We agree. Because if you don’t agree I probably won’t be alone. Let Thaksin sleep on the 14th floor of the police hospital, but must be reconciled on an equal basis. It is not just about reconciliation with any one group. And we asked about the Som sneakers, the kids who have come out to be active in the past. The leader of the Progressive Party also claimed that He cannot control his behavior. We argued, “Yes, is it true?” and said that you need to talk to your leaders, especially Mr. Thanathorn, to what extent they have the idea of ​​giving up and ending the movement that is harassing the institution. Before coming to talk about reconciliation and amnesty, he said that he would go back and talk,” the former abbot of Wat Or Noi stated.

Buddha Issara also said that During such discussions We also told him before leaving that I agree and admire your bravery. If you use your courage to benefit the country allowing the country to move forward without touching two things: institutions and security because of stability You guys really don’t know the ins and outs. Because if you touch it, it will bring a war into the house. Causing a disaster to the country that should not have been done, I reminded him not to touch on these two matters.

“The reason why he came to negotiate with us was to ask us to help support the draft amnesty bill. It’s like throwing a stone and asking for our direction. He said that he would discuss what was discussed in his group another time, but at the end we asked him that the Move Forward Party gave importance to pushing this issue because of the founders of the party and their ideologues. Are you facing a case against Sections 112 and 116? He replied that until then, they probably would not accept the right to amnesty. I also asked back: Are you that bold? I would like to wait to see written confirmation that I will not actually receive the rights or not.”

Incidentally, nowadays politicians in the party wing have come a long way. and progressive groups that were prosecuted 112 such as Mr. Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit Founder of the Future Forward Party in the live broadcast case of the royal vaccine – Mr. Piyabutr Saengkanokkul – Mr. Piyarat Jongthep or Toto, MP for Bangkok, Kaew Klai Party, Ms. Ratchanok Srinok or Ice Ratchanok. Member of Parliament for Bangkok, etc.

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