‘Opposition in Argentina makes the ruling party in Mexico tremble’, Gálvez from Cd. Juárez

‘Opposition in Argentina makes the ruling party in Mexico tremble’, Gálvez from Cd. Juárez

After the triumph of Javier Milei in Argentinathe ruling party in Mexico is going to shake, assured the presidential candidate of the Broad Front for Mexico, Xóchitl Gálvez Ruizby highlighting that of the last 16 presidential elections in America15 have been won by the opposition.

Interviewed in these Chihuahuan lands and a few meters from the border with the United Statesthe senator on leave clarified that if she celebrates the victory of Milei It’s not because he shares his Political vision or sympathize with the far rightbut because it was a triumph of democracy.

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“Let’s see, everyone knows that I am not from the extreme right. Everyone knows that I am a woman of freedoms. In fact, the 4T keeps attacking me for these positions;

“What I recognize is that democracy won in Argentina,” he remarked, highlighting that the government he didn’t beat around the bush and the party in power recognized the defeat.

Xochitl Galvez highlighted that the broad citizen participation in Argentina made the ruling party leave.

“So the ruling party is also going to start to tremble here in Mexico, because there will also be great participation here and I hope they have the democratic vocation that they had in Argentina.”

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About the threat of PRD to break the Broad Front for Mexico for not being taken into account in some applicationsthe candidate said that they are in talks with that party and trusted that this dispute will be resolved.

“I hope so, because what unites us is more important than what divides us. We are united by love for Mexico“It unites us to solve the serious problems that Mexico has.”he emphasized.

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