Opposition to Milei in Argentina is very strong,

Opposition to Milei in Argentina is very strong,

In Argentina, the transition of power began this Tuesday (21). President-elect Javier Milei arrived at the presidential residence in the morning and is expected to spend the day meeting with the current president, Alberto Fernandez.

The day before, Milei had made a series of announcements, he reaffirmed the plan to close the Central Bank and dollarize the economy, he also promised to contain inflation within a year and a half to two years, privatize public companies and maintain the rate of exchange. Milei also stated that the first countries he will visit will be the United States and Israel. To analyze what we can expect from the Milei government, the Central Brazil This Tuesday (21) he spoke with Denilde Holzhacker, professor of international relations at the Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing (Espm).

Milei’s proposals for the economy, such as dollarization and the closure of the central bank, are not viable without a coalition, according to the professor. “It is a dilemma that he will have to deal with and is first to get support in Congress. At the same time, even if he builds this collision, he will hardly be able to do [as mudanças] at the level of depth he presented during the campaign.”

The tendency is for more moderate proposals, she says. “Like privatization, the change in state reform, these have support mainly from groups linked to the Macri government, which also have a liberal bias”, she says.

“It has a very strong opposition environment. He will face resistance in Congress, among governors and a very active society that will also put pressure on him.”

The expert also considered that there is an expectation that negotiation channels will be established between Brazilian and Argentine diplomacy, despite the ideological differences between the two presidents. “There is no interest on the part of either country in a rupture in relations that could have very tragic impacts, especially for Argentina at a time of crisis and at a time when the issue of trade is essential. We are not going to expect a fluid relationship with major actions, with great involvement between presidents and even between diplomats, it will be a relationship of maintaining what we already have and probably establishing agreements on what is in the interests of each country.”

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