Optical illusions – find a hare in a photo — UNIAN

Optical illusions – find a hare in a photo — UNIAN

You will have to strain your vision.

Optical illusions help to test not only the sharpness of your vision, but also your ingenuity and the ability to quickly analyze what you see.

This time we present to your attention a vivid picture from the park. The photographer captured two figures of huge gorillas, which sternly look to the sides. You need to find a hare near them or behind them, which carefully hides from people.

You have no more than 7 seconds to search for the animal! That’s how much time attentive people need. Are you ready? Start the search!

photo UNIAN

The peculiarity of this optical illusion is that the photo has many bright details and vegetation that can distract attention from the hare. We advise you to think logically in your searches so that you are not distracted by more complex sections.

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The gray animal was right in front of my eyes all this time – in the center of the photo. You could sweep his ears in the tall grass.

photo UNIAN

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