Order for forensics of Latif Khosa and Bushra Bibi’s audio

Order for forensics of Latif Khosa and Bushra Bibi’s audio

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Islamabad High Court ordered forensic of audio of Latif Khosa and Bushra Bibi.

During the hearing of Latif Khosa and Bushra Bibi’s audio leak case, the court ordered the FIA ​​to conduct forensics of the audio.

The court says that an investigation should be conducted as to where the audio was released in the first place.

Justice Babar Sattar also ordered a copy of the application to be sent to DGISI.

The Islamabad High Court asked DGISI to report who released the audio.

The court has also issued notices to FIA, PEMRA and PTA and sought their response.

In the court, Justice Babar Sattar said that PEMRA tell me how private conversations of people are being aired on TV channels.

Justice Babar Sattar also removed the objections raised on the application and said that what is the objection of the registrar office on the application?

On this occasion, Latif Khosa said that there is an objection to file a separate application, how can you file a separate application? A separate plea may be filed in an audio leaks case, a privilege over attorney-client communications.

Laughter at Justice Babar Sattar’s words

Justice Babar Sattar said that Bigg Boss is listening to everyone, you should know.

Justice Babar Sattar’s words also caused laughter in the court.

He said who is recording the audio?

To this Latif Khosa replied that everyone knows who records.

Justice Babar Sattar said that we cannot proceed on the assumption.

Latif Khosa said that this is not my problem, it is the problem of the lawyers of the whole country. If the lawyer cannot talk freely with the client, how will the justice system work?

Justice Babar Sattar asked if the audio has come on social media? First came on Twitter or somewhere else?

Latif Khosa said that the audio was also aired by all the TV channels.

The court says that if it is known where the release took place, then it can be known who made the record.

Latif Khosa says that Pemra even closes the screen on calling someone’s name, no one talks to me that your phone is not safe.

Later, the court adjourned the further hearing of the case till December 11.


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