Padua, Giulio’s desperation after the Easter accident: “Our little girl is dead, I won’t let Valentina pull the plug”

Padua, Giulio’s desperation after the Easter accident: “Our little girl is dead, I won’t let Valentina pull the plug”

There was a baby girl on the way and a wedding planned, but a car accident on Easter Sunday canceled this blossoming life plan. And three days after the crash, in the industrial area of ​​Padua, there is a lonely man who mourns what should have been but will no longer be. Her baby’s heartbeat has stopped in her mother’s womb and the mother, in fact, is kept alive only by machines. Doctors speak of brain death but Giulio Stoppa27 years old, worker in a company in the province, promises combatively to Morning in Padua: “I will keep Valentina alive, I will not allow anyone to turn off the machines. If there is a thread of hope it must not be cut.”

She is originally from Udine, he from Adria (Rovigo). They had met a few years ago at a car rally and from that moment on they started dating. Valentina Urli, 33 years old, was in the fifth month of pregnancy. With the summer sun Amelie would be born, a name chosen because it inspired a dream, that of a life together. The wedding was already scheduled for May 11th, in the house in Trebaseleghe (Padua) everything was ready for the baby’s arrival. But then tragedy strikes, right on the day of celebration.

“We were going to my mother’s Easter lunch,” he said Giulio. “Until I hit that damn roundabout.” There are no other vehicles involved. Giulio Stoppa he lost control of his BMW station wagon and crashed into a plane tree. The story delivered to Morning in Padua it’s dramatic. “I found myself outside the car with a broken head, I ran to open Valentina’s door. She looked at me and said goodbye one last time, immediately opening and narrowing her eyes afterwards. I tried to do everything, then I fell to the floor, I was losing a lot of blood. Help arrived: her condition was too serious right away, we were both admitted to hospital. But in the evening I had myself discharged to go to her.”

After just over 48 hours the little girl’s heartbeat disappeared, and now Valentina is on the threshold of a vegetative state. “The situation is irreversible” he says Giulio. “But a miracle can always happen and I hope for it until the end. Whatever happens, for better or for worse, I will never allow anyone to interrupt the life of the woman I love most in my life. Valentina the greatest love I could find and I will continue to love her until my last breath.”


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