Parliament Local: 20 billion pounds proceeds from reconciliation over building violations

Parliament Local: 20 billion pounds proceeds from reconciliation over building violations

Published on: Tuesday, November 21, 2023 – 9:05 AM | Last updated: Tuesday, November 21, 2023 – 9:05 AM

Representative Ahmed Al-Sajini, Chairman of the Local Administration Committee in the House of Representatives, said that the law of reconciliation for building violations is exceptional, as the basis for the violation and crime is penalty and punishment, and this law replaces punishment and punishment with reconciliation as a result of committing millions of violations, despite the fact that this violation is linked to the stability and security of the country and societal peace. Therefore, it is courageous to brainstorm to prepare legal materials that achieve the goal and do not violate the constitution.

Al-Sajini continued, during his interview with the journalist Nashat Al-Daihi, on the “Pen and Paper” program, broadcast on the “TEN” satellite channel, on Monday evening, that the local administration committee held sessions to measure the impact of the application on reconciliation of violations, and it became clear that there are some obstacles that prevent achieving The target of this law, so the committee communicated these indicators to decision-makers who accepted the matter with the utmost responsibility, and began large sessions of sessions to avoid these obstacles, which led to the completion of the current reconciliation law.

He pointed out that the current legislation to reconcile building violations allowed those who reconciled over a number of concrete columns, and reconciled with the concerned authorities to pour the roof on this area, noting that the total number of violations reached 20 billion pounds.


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