Partial exemption from the cost of transportation is granted. The House of Representatives approves the Elderly Rights Care Law

Partial exemption from the cost of transportation is granted. The House of Representatives approves the Elderly Rights Care Law

Safaa Essam El Din and Ahmed Owais

Published on: Monday, February 12, 2024 – 12:24 PM | Last updated: Monday, February 12, 2024 – 12:24 PM

The House of Representatives finally approved the draft law on caring for the rights of the elderly, during the plenary session a short while ago.

The draft law aims to protect and care for the rights of the elderly and ensure their enjoyment of all social, political, health, economic, cultural, recreational and other rights, as well as the enjoyment of the elderly by all the rights contained in international agreements and charters regulating the rights of the elderly, while enjoying all the rights contained in this law and any other law.

It also aimed to raise community awareness of the rights of the elderly and provide access to them, as well as enable them to participate in the management of public affairs and formulate policies and programs related to their affairs, in addition to facilitating the elderly’s dealings with governmental and non-governmental agencies. Provided that there is a window designated for them to obtain services without competing with others.

The enacted draft law grants a partial exemption from the cost of using public transportation, which is fully owned by the state, and subscription fees for sports bodies, cultural centers, theaters, and some state-owned museums and archaeological sites.

The elderly person also has the right – in all stages of arrest, investigation, trial and execution – to humane treatment commensurate with his age and needs. He also has the right to specialized technical assistance when necessary, provided that the state takes into account in its planning of all places of detention and prisons their availability to the elderly.

The project emphasizes providing integrated rights to health, psychological care and rehabilitation for the elderly, and includes the rights and needs of the elderly in programs and policies to combat and reduce poverty, and sustainable development programmes.

The elderly person in need of care has the right to receive monthly security assistance in the event that he does not receive an insurance pension. It also guarantees the provision of a delivery service for the elderly person’s pension or assistance due, as the case may be, to his place of residence for a nominal fee.

It stipulates that it is not permissible for the elderly to be admitted to care homes or kept therein without their consent. The elderly person in charge of care who does not have a person responsible for his care is exempted from bearing the costs of accommodation and subsistence in social care institutions to care for the elderly.

All written, audio and visual media sites are committed to marketing the positive image of the elderly, highlighting their positive contributions, and also stipulating the provision of good preventive and curative care in accordance with health insurance laws and rules.

Under the draft law, a fund shall be established called the “Elderly Care Fund,” which will have a legal personality and report to the competent minister. This fund aims to promote, develop, and protect the rights and freedoms of the elderly, consolidate the values ​​of equality and equal opportunities, and provide support to them in all social, economic, health, psychological, and educational aspects…, And others.

The draft included a complete section on penalties to provide full legal protection according to the crime committed against the elderly, whether he was exposed to one of the danger situations mentioned in the law or other sinful acts in accordance with what was stated in the texts of this draft.

Al-Qasabi pointed out that the draft law is linked to human rights, referring to the National Human Rights Strategy, which aims to social justice and uphold human values.


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