Paulo Raimundo does not want people to slip into the “banana peel” that are the “fait divers” between PM and PR

Paulo Raimundo does not want people to slip into the “banana peel” that are the “fait divers” between PM and PR

With a delegation of almost four dozen people, Paulo Raimundo was received with hugs and requests for photographs in Alhandra, municipality of Vila Franca de Xira. Next to the parish Health Center, the general secretary of the PCP heard some of the users’ complaints, such as the lack of family doctors. Given the motto, Paulo Raimundo criticized the “dismantling” of the National Health Service (SNS) carried out by the PS – “with the complacency of PSD, Liberal Initiative and Chega” – and the transfer of financial resources to the sector private. “It is necessary to save the SNS from private business. We cannot wait, if the situation is this, it means there are reasons to increase the demands and demands”, he defended. With the focus on the March elections, the communist leader left an appeal for the “strengthening” of the PCP as a way of putting politics “at the service of everyone” and not as a “handful that fills up” at the expense of workers. In the short speech, there was still time to criticize the “tricks” among the highest figures in the State who “say nothing to people’s lives”.

After spending the morning at the nurses’ protest in Lisbon this Tuesday, the communist leader remained on the topic of health, this time in a Public Tribune with the motto “defending the NHS”. In Alhandra, Paulo Raimundo once again argued that the problem of the public health sector is not the “lack of money”, but the “political options” taken so far by socialist and social-democratic governments. “Don’t come with the litany that there is no money, there is money and lots of it. The problem is not with money, but with options and the transfer [desse mesmo valor] for the private sector”shot.

Despite the focus being on health, there were no words about the decree-law that creates new Local Health Units (ULF) – which the PSD and Chega requested the suspension of its entry into force or, at least, that the appointment of leaders be made on a replacement basis and the Left Bloc even demanded the revocation of the socialist document, in statements this Tuesday, the 21st. The PCP preferred not to take either side and remain focused on resolving “real-life problems of people”. “We are facing so many problems, lack of doctors, consultations, access to treatments, this is what is essential to respond to now. And not being here with games back and forth that have no consequences for people’s lives”, he replied.

With the calendar for the legislative elections tightening, the PCP took advantage of the favorable hearing to insist on “strengthening” the party in the March election results. “The elections are an opportunity to open a new path with the reinforcement of the PCP and the CDU. Everyone who is here knows that when the PCP and the CDU move forward, everyone’s life moves forward”said Paulo Raimundo, repeating what will be the motto of the communists’ electoral campaign.

Paulo Raimundo with activists and users of the Alhandra Health Center, in Vila Franca de Xira


In addition to the call to go to the polls, the secretary general of the PCP also criticized the “fait divers” and the “troubles” between the resigning prime minister and the President of the Republic – which grew after the resignation of António Costa, with the prime minister’s criticism of the “unnecessary” dissolution decided by Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa. “Don’t slip on the banana peels that appear every day”, launched Paulo Raimundo. At first, the communist did not want to directly address what were the “tricks” that did not “interest people”. Then, in response to the journalists, he removed his stubbornness and spoke of an “institutional conflict” that does not “devalue”, but that “is worth what it is worth”. “I don’t underestimate its importance, but it is very far from people’s concerns. For every minute we spend commenting on each of these events, it’s one less minute we spend solving people’s problems.”.

Still on the “tricks” that have “filled the newspapers”, the communist leader accused the parties of using them as a way of not discussing the “real problems”. “It’s been a relief [para os partidos]. They spend their time commenting on what is of specific interest instead of commenting on real problems such as the lack of doctors in the NHS”. For the general secretary of the PCP, it is necessary to use the four months until the elections – which is still “a long time” – and the “Government in office” to take concrete steps, starting with an agreement with doctors. This call for policy advancement comes at a time when uncertainty about the identity of the next executive is increasing.


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