Pedro Nuno adds and continues, but Carneiro gets weight support

Pedro Nuno adds and continues, but Carneiro gets weight support

The socialist machine wasted no time. Dead king, post king, heard this week the Sunrise to a socialist committed to one of the candidacies that are already working full steam to choose António Costa’s successor.

This is the moment of the shotgun count, and if on Pedro Nuno Santos’ side the army of notables and federation leaders showed up on the day of the presentation at the Largo do Rato headquarters, leaving the impression that a large majority of the party was alongside the former Minister of Infrastructures, alongside José Luís Carneiro, the names of supporters are dropping in a trickle. But as the days pass, strong support begins to emerge, such as Augusto Santos Silva, president of the Assembly of the Republic, Fernando Medina, Minister of Finance or Vieira da Silva, former Minister of Social Security and father of Mariana da Silva, who at the time of writing this newspaper had not yet expressed support for any of the candidacies.

Government ministers hesitate to take a position

In addition to Fernando Medina, Pedro Nuno Santos’ eternal rival – throughout these years always identified as his possible contender in a race for leadership – who has already made public his support for José Luís Carneiro, only Ana Abrunhosa, minister of Territorial Cohesion, has assumed the role his support for Pedro Nuno Santos, having even been present at the launch of the candidacy.

Apart from these two cases, no minister in office has so far announced their preference in the race to succeed António Costa. As far as we know, there was no indication from the Prime Minister, or even the Secretary General, for this to happen, but the fact is that his ministers have avoided taking a position.

What is certain is that Duarte Cordeiro, a longtime companion of Pedro Nuno Santos, has already announced that he will remain absent from the campaign because of Operation Influencer. Although, so far, there is no news that he could be accused, the processes also mention him in the wiretaps, regarding the Sines Data Center case.

Ana Catarina Mendes, Manuel Pizarro, Mariana Vieira da Silva and Ana Mendes Godinho, remain silent, without showing any sign of support.

Knowing that this hasty succession brings on the calendar, not only legislative elections, but also European and local ones, in a short space of time, it is possible that these calculations are already being done in the offices, and that support will emerge as there is commitments from the candidacies, in particular from Pedro Nuno Santos – the most likely winner –, regarding the names that could occupy prominent positions in the next electoral acts.

José Luís Carneiro shows his assets

Visibly less prepared for a race for succession that arose unexpectedly, José Luís Carneiro and his supporters have been oiling the machine and gathering support in recent days.

The arrival on the scene of names like Fernando Medina, Santos Silva or Viera da Silva is considered very valuable, in a fight that begins with great imbalances.

O Sunrise You know that Fernando Medina will be part of the team that will prepare José Luís Carneiro’s strategy motion and that Vieira da Silva will preside over the Strategic Council.

Unknown is, for now, the name of the campaign director and it is possible that there will be two, someone from the PS structure, and someone from Socialist Youth. With or without a director, one thing is certain, the campaign starts more intensely this weekend

The hypothesis of José Luís Carneiro leaving the Government is completely ruled out, a source from the candidacy of the still Minister of Internal Administration assures us, reinforcing the idea that at this moment this would not make any sense. “Given the circumstances, it is possible to separate the waters” and there will be time for both.

José Luís Carneiro’s campaign structure will also include an Honor Committee that must include names, not only of socialists, but also of independents.


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