Pedro Sánchez comes out in defense Inés Hernand: “The icon is you”

Pedro Sánchez comes out in defense Inés Hernand: “The icon is you”

The relaxed broadcast that RTVE offered on RTVE Play on Saturday during the red carpet of the Goya Awards, in parallel to Carlos del Amor’s interview program on TVE, continues to generate a wave of criticism, although a lifeline from Pedro Sánchez, for the comments and behavior of its presenter, Inés Hernand. So much so that even the RTVE Interactive Media News Council issued a harsh statement this Monday in which they reject “the tone and content” that the presenter, an external collaborator of the house, ‘influencer’ and comedian, not a journalist, used to address interviews and even address the President of the Government.

“Pedro!” Hernand began to shout when he saw him appear on the carpet. “Pedro Sánchez, obviously, not Pedro Almodóvar,” he continued before getting the president over. «Ugh… Do I have a fever? Look to see. “President, what was the last movie you saw?” he managed to ask. «Well, many, I can’t tell you one. “Many,” Sánchez answered, to which she responded: “Did you like ‘The Snow Society’?” she later managed to ask him. “Man, I didn’t like it, I loved it,” responded the socialist.

Given this, the news council assures that “apart from other more than debatable interventions throughout the broadcast (belch, complaints, swear words without context…), it seems to us that the flattering tone towards a President of the Government, is of the “Whatever sign it is, it has no place on public radio and television, which is everyone’s.”

And Hernand ended his conversation with Sánchez in the following way: “You are an icon, president, we love you!” And that phrase is the one with which Sánchez himself has found his place in the controversy. Surprisingly, late on Monday night, he posted on his X account a video with different moments of the presenter during the gala and, in the last seconds, the moment in which Hernand appealed to Sánchez. Accompanied by this, the president supports Hernand with a brief but resounding message. «Inés Hernand, the icon is you».

Likewise, shortly after the Council’s statement became known, Inés Hernand posted a brief tweet on her X account in which she assured that she is dedicated to “entertainment.” “Honestly, I am glad to be fulfilling my mission,” she continues.

But the controversy is not only due to the conversation with Pedro Sánchez. To refer to ‘The Snow Society’, the film about the tragedy of the Andes directed by Juan Antonio Bayona, the great winner of the night, he used the expression “that of the cannibals.” A loose mention of one of the nominees that was one more among the comments that the ‘influencer’ launched in the live broadcast. “I’m sick to my stomach”, “I belched” or “I peed” could be heard during the broadcast. Thus, the Council, which affirms that “not everything goes,” assures that it will ask “explanations from those responsible for RTVE Play and will report on them later.”

The truth is that this is not the first time that Hernand has become the focus of criticism and headline news for his interventions on RTVE Play live shows. The well-known face of the platform was the subject of criticism during last year’s Pride broadcast. In the middle of the general election campaign, Hernand clearly expressed his political position and attacked the Popular Party. “I have no doubt about the victory of a progressive party,” he said in a speech for which RTVE was forced to apologize and eliminate that fragment from the program.


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