Pensions will be increased by almost 1,000 hryvnias – who will receive them and how much

Pensions will be increased by almost 1,000 hryvnias – who will receive them and how much


In Ukraine, pensioners can receive 40% of the subsistence minimum for persons who have lost their ability to work. The subsistence minimum is UAH 2,361, which means that the amount of the supplement is UAH 944.40.

Such a norm operates in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Amendments to Some Laws of Ukraine Concerning the Increase of Social Guarantees for Certain Categories of Persons” and the government’s decision, the publication “On Pensions” reminds. This is an additional payment for care. Payments are guaranteed for citizens who:

  • have reached 80 years or older;
  • independent residents;
  • they need constant external care for their state of health;
  • receive an old-age pension.

The last point means that only old-age pensioners will be able to receive such a supplement, if a disability pension or another type of pension payment is established, then the care supplement does not belong.

Another important point is the necessary documentary confirmation from doctors about the need for constant external care. Compensation supplements are established for Ukrainians who have reached a certain age. Yes, pensioners who have reached the age of 70 are paid 300 hryvnias monthly. 456 hryvnias for pensioners aged 75 and over, and 570 hryvnias for pensioners aged 80 and over.

This supplement is charged if your pension does not exceed 10,340.35 hryvnias, if you receive more, then the age supplement will not be paid. Another important point is that the supplements are not cumulative, for example, at the age of 79 you received 456 hryvnias per month, when you reach 80 years old, you will be paid only 114 hryvnias, not 456+570 hryvnias.

As previously written by OBOZ.UA, since January 1, the pension rate has also been increased. This applies to those whose payments are tied to the minimum or living wage.

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