PEPTEIN DRINK D encourages Thai people to be health conscious. along with a vitamin D boost at the Good Health Great Heart event at Thonburi Thawi Watthana Hospital

PEPTEIN DRINK D encourages Thai people to be health conscious.  along with a vitamin D boost at the Good Health Great Heart event at Thonburi Thawi Watthana Hospital


PEPTEIN DRINK D, a functional drink product under Osotspa Public Company Limited, moves forward to target health-conscious people. Through cooperation with Thonburi Thawi Watthana Hospital and Media Addict Company Limited, a special campaign is organized “Good Health Great Heart, Healthy Whole Body, Happy Heart 2024” under the focus on the main topic: “Amazing Vitamin D There are many secrets that you still don’t know.”

The main highlight activity on stage is a discussion by a doctor specializing in internal medicine, endocrinology and metabolism, “Dr. Padiwarada Chatthong” with a special guest, “Khun Khan Atirut Kittipattana” as host of the program. By “Khun Zen Mejka Supitchayangkun” in this discussion, there was excellent attention and response from the participants who are the main target group of the PEPTEIN DRINK D product. along with receiving knowledge Including many benefits and ways to strengthen your body with vitamin D.

In addition, on stage there was a session to introduce the PEPTEIN DRINK D product to emphasize the strengths of PEPTEIN DRINK D as a Functional Drink that provides 2 benefits in one bottle. In 1 bottle, there is vitamin D, which is the main heart, as high as 150% (300 IU) helps boost the immune system. Just take 1 bottle of PEPTEIN DRINK D and you will receive sufficient amounts of vitamin D that your body needs in 1 day, including original Soy Peptide that is brain food. Helps nourish the brain to function fully. Importantly, it’s sugar-free. Can drink every day The taste is mellow, delicious, refreshing, and easy to drink. All attendees also got to try PEPTEIN DRINK D products and participate in games to win prizes. It must be said that at this event PEPTEIN DRINK D has prepared prizes to give away in full.

Ms. Busara Makomon, Head of Marketing Calpis and Peptein, Osotspa Public Company Limited, said, “Vitamin D is the top vitamin D that Thai people do not receive enough due to lifestyles in the present era. Previously, the PEPTEIN brand was a brand that people would think of when it came to the brain. We have therefore created a new product that provides two benefits: the brain and the immune system, which are closely related and related. The main feature of PEPTEIN DRINK D is the addition of vitamin D in 1 bottle to meet the body’s daily needs. This is because the body has enough vitamin D. It can strengthen the body’s immunity. PEPTEIN DRINK D products are especially suitable for the target group of people of working age. Including wanting to take care of their health in a way that is easy, convenient, and fast, PEPTEIN DRINK D hopes that it can be another way to encourage Thai people to be interested in health. and turn to taking care of yourself so that your body receives adequate vitamin D.”

After the activity on stage Attendees also have the chance to win a health check-up package from Thonburi Thawi Watthana Hospital worth 6,930 baht and many other prizes from event sponsors.

For activities within the event, in addition to activities on stage Attendees will receive a GIFT BAG from PEPTEIN DRINK D products to take home. You can also choose to buy health products from many partners who come together to create color. With special promotions from 10 brands

Throughout this year Good Health Great Heart activities can be found again at leading hospitals across the country. You can follow the news on the FB Page: MEDIA Addict Thailand.


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