Persis Solo retainer enlivens the U17 World Cup match in Manahan Solo

Persis Solo retainer enlivens the U17 World Cup match in Manahan Solo

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, SOLO — Punggawa Persis Solo took part in enlivening the U17 World Cup which was held at Manahan Stadium Solo, Monday (20/11/2023). As is known, the championship has reached the round of 16.

Several names of Leonardo Medina’s children can be seen, starting from central defenders Persis Solo Jaimerson and Gavin Kwan. There is also the Director of the Persis Solo Academy, Jackson F Thiago.

Jacksen F Tiago said he was always enthusiastic about welcoming matches held at Manahan Stadium. He admitted that he was only absent once from a number of matches that were held at the Persis Solo headquarters.

“Actually, I was only absent on the 10th. I watched the 13th and 16th,” said Jacksen, Monday (20/11/2023).

In the match this afternoon, Jacksen admitted that he also invited his family to the VVIP bench. “This is the first time I watched here (VVIP) because I happened to come with my family so I was looking for comfort for my family,” he said.

The former Persis Solo coach also said he was proud that the U17 World Cup could be held in Indonesia. He hopes that Brazil can progress to the final.

“I am one of the football players in Indonesia, so I have a special pride, so that my friends in Brazil can also know that Indonesia is great enough to be able to hold an event of this magnitude,” he said.

“Brazil’s big hope is that appearing in the final in Manahan will be an extraordinary thing. I will come with proud clothes,” he said.

Meanwhile, Gavin Kwan said that the Persis team used their free time to watch the U-17 World Cup match. He said he salutes the young Ecuadorian player, Keny Arroyo.

“There are lots of good players, especially today, Ecuador’s number 7 (Keny Arooyo), his skills are cool. Even though the weather is hot, it looks like Ecuador and Brazil are used to it,” explained Gavin.

The Indonesian U-17 World Cup will take place from 10 November to 2 December 2023. Immediately buy and get official tickets to the U-17 World Cup matches in Jakarta, Bandung, Solo and Surabaya
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