Pillars of democracy in Mexico

Pillars of democracy in Mexico

I wonder if business cards still exist, those that gentlemen handed out so that others would know who they were, even if they themselves did not know it?. I keep some of them as curious memories of past times. That of a teacher who had published a couple of pamphlets printed on mimeograph: “Professor So-and-So. Author of books.” That of someone who wrote in the newspapers: “Zutano. Modeler of Public Opinion”. And, object of particular appreciation, the card of Don Francisco Gámez Cardona, appreciated by all, who in addition to being the grand master of the matachines of Ojo de Agua, the oldest and most traditional neighborhood of Saltillo, was a hunter and seller of birds. at that time when in every house there were cages with sparrows, dominicans, cardinals – for cardinals -, verdines or cenzontles, which around here were not called that way, but small ones. The business card of Don Pancho, affectionately nicknamed “The Hen” because of his peculiar way of walking, read like this: “Francisco Gámez Cardona, (a) ‘La Gallina’. General Secretary of the National Union of Captors and Distributors of Songbirds, Ornamental Birds and Similar Birds of the Mexican Republic”. Well then: If there were still business cards, the one who writes this would say: “Armando Fuentes Aguirre, (a) ‘Catón’. Editorialist of the Reforma Group. In fact, being a collaborator of that organization is one of the greatest symbols of pride that I can boast of. Yesterday the newspaper Reforma celebrated its first 30 years of age. From the date it began to circulate, until today, my articles have appeared daily in its editorial section. Throughout that long time, not a single day have I stopped sending my columns, just as in more than 40 years I have never failed to deliver my texts to “El Norte” of Monterrey, the founding newspaper of the Group. I think I’m the only crazy person who writes 365 days a year, with one exception: when the year is a leap year, then I write 366 days. In that time I have had four readers, although there are those who, with a hyperbolic tendency, say that there are 4 million. In any case, I owe that to Alejandro Junco de la Vega. My gratitude to him has no limits. From his endless generosity came bread for my children, along with tranquility for the companion of my life and honor for me.. It is a privilege to write in a newspaper where your opinions are published without censorship; where truth, freedom and responsibility set the course, and where readers have a voice and can also express their thoughts without restriction. I am not exaggerated if I say that “Reforma”, “El Norte” and “Mural” are pillars of democracy in Mexico. Its absolute independence, its autonomy from public powers, its permanent critical attitude, its constant demand for legality, transparency and honesty, have made the Grupo Reforma newspapers bastions of freedom, democracy and justice., and have earned them the trust and credibility of readers. To be a part, even a small part, of this fundamental task is a reason for legitimate pride for me. I also thank Alejandro Junco Elizondo, Rodolfo Junco de la Vega, Ricardo Junco Garza, and Ignacio Mijares. I have always received encouragement and encouragement from them. I also thank my talented editors for their support, who ensure that my writings are well written, in addition to avoiding setbacks and setbacks. May these fruitful 30 years of Reform be the announcement of many more of true journalism −that is, real journalism− for the good of Mexico and the Mexicans… END.

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