Planning: The first phase of the Decent Life Initiative will end at the end of the year

Planning: The first phase of the Decent Life Initiative will end at the end of the year

Hoda Al-Saati

Published on: Tuesday, November 21, 2023 – 5:19 PM | Last updated: Tuesday, November 21, 2023 – 5:19 PM

Dr. Jamil Helmy Abdel Wahed, Assistant Minister of Planning and Supervisor of the Decent Life Initiative, confirmed that the first phase of the Decent Life Initiative will be completed at the end of the year, and an implementation plan is being developed for the second phase, which covers 1,500 villages.

He continued that there is international praise for the Egyptian initiative, as the United Nations listed the Dignified Life Initiative as one of the best international initiatives in the world, pointing out that at the beginning of the founding of the initiative, an index was developed called the “development gap” index. With the aim of achieving justice in the distribution of resources and allocations.

Helmy added, during a symposium entitled “Contemporary Egypt: Challenges and Future Prospects,” organized by the Library of Alexandria, today, Tuesday, and headed by Dr. Ahmed Zayed, Director of the Library of Alexandria, that the implementation rate of the first phase of the initiative exceeded 80%, noting that the phase included 1,477 villages and 18 villages. One million beneficiaries, and 23 thousand projects at a cost of 350 billion pounds.

Helmy pointed out that Egypt’s Vision 2030 aims to establish a state with a competitive, balanced and diversified economy that relies on innovation and integration, pointing out that 60% of the population lives in the Egyptian countryside.

Meanwhile, Dr. Abdul Khaleq Ibrahim, Assistant Minister of Housing and Supervisor of Slum Development, explained that the population increase is a major challenge, especially for housing, job opportunities, and services, noting that 650,000 agricultural lands have been lost to unplanned urbanization.

Ibrahim said that planning for the slums in Maspero, Nazlet El-Semman, and Majar El-Oyoun was one of the most difficult plans, as 30 plans were drawn up for the latter, pointing out that the cost of moving the slums for the Ministry of Housing alone is about 85 billion pounds.

He pointed out the importance of placing the transport and communication axis in planning, noting that according to World Bank statistics, $8 billion is wasted due to wasted fuel, and the waste is expected to reach $18 billion in 2030.

Dr. Ahmed Zayed, Director of the Library of Alexandria, explained that we are on the verge of presidential elections, a new republic, and a new society, stressing that the political leadership is aware of the challenges and there is flexibility in responding, and there is also a principle of transparency, and all of this makes Egypt a participatory state.


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