Podcast: Argentina after Javier Milei’s election – Folha – 11/21/2023 – Podcasts

Podcast: Argentina after Javier Milei’s election – Folha – 11/21/2023 – Podcasts

One day after his victory at the polls, the elected president of Argentina, Javier Milei, reaffirmed this Monday (20) campaign promises — such as the intention to privatize “everything he can” and end the Central Bank — and announced the first names of the cabinet. According to him, new nominations, including the most awaited, the head of Economy, should be held until the day of the inauguration.

The market’s reaction to the election of the ultraliberal anarcho-capitalist will be known this Tuesday (21), when there will be operations for the first time after the election — the second was a holiday in Argentina. The economy is the main concern in the country, which is experiencing a severe crisis, with annual inflation of 142%.

On the government side, Sergio Massa, the candidate defeated in the second round, should continue as Economy Minister. The current president, Peronist Alberto Fernández, rejected by 80% of the population, remains in office until December 10, the date of Milei’s inauguration. The two, according to the elected official, should not meet in the transition.

In this Tuesday’s episode, Café da Manhã talks about the prospects for Argentina after Javier Milei’s victory. Journalist Júlia Barbon, correspondent for Sheet in Buenos Aires, he talks about the day after the election and the beginning of the transition. And political scientist Maria Hermínia Tavares, columnist for Sheetanalyzes the potential of Milei’s proposals and the future of relations between Brazil and Argentina.

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