‘Pohang’, a tourist and cultural city, is emerging… 120,000 people visit during the Lunar New Year holiday

‘Pohang’, a tourist and cultural city, is emerging…  120,000 people visit during the Lunar New Year holiday

Over 120,000 tourists visited Pohang during the four-day Lunar New Year holiday, a doubling of tourists compared to the previous year.
Pohang, the representative winter tourist city, is highly popular for winter sea theme tours and gourmet tours.
Popular with abundant Lunar New Year events such as Railroad Forest, Yeongildae Beach, and Guryongpo Gwamegi Culture Center.
Traditional markets are also lively for the holidays, with over 38,000 people visiting Jukdo Market on the 11th alone.

The number of tourists visiting Pohang during the Lunar New Year holiday, the nation’s largest holiday, approximately doubled compared to the previous year, signaling the smooth start of ‘Pohang, the representative winter tourist city’ from the beginning of the Gapjin year.

According to Pohang City on the 12th, an average of 30,000 tourists per day from major tourist destinations, or a total of 120,000 tourists, visited Pohang during the Lunar New Year holiday that lasted from the 9th to the 12th.

A view of Homigot Square, which is visited by many tourists during the Lunar New Year holiday. Provided by Pohang City

This is about twice the number of visitors during the Lunar New Year holiday last year, which was approximately 63,000.

As travel culture, such as small-scale travel and gatherings, develops during the holiday season, Pohang’s marine cultural tourism charm, widely known for its winter sea and gourmet travel, appears to have attracted tourists.

The city operated major tourist attractions, tourist information centers, and tour guide services as normal during this holiday season, opened public parking lots for free, and held various events for visitors to enjoy throughout major tourist attractions, receiving a great response from participants.

Tourists at Railroad Forest enjoying experiential events during the Lunar New Year holiday.

In addition, not only domestic tourists who came in groups of two or three, such as families, couples, and friends, but also foreign group tourists who were touring major tourist attractions thanks to the popularity of the ‘K-drama filming location’ were also noticeable.

In particular, at the ‘K-Traditional Play Experience Event with Foreign Residents’ held at Oak Square in Railroad Forest on the 11th, foreign residents as well as Koreans and foreigners wore Hanbok and participated in a traditional game experience, New Year’s fortune drawing, and Jegichagi event, creating a unique experience. It created a festive and exciting holiday scene.

During the Lunar New Year holiday, tourists are crowded with Japanese houses in Guryongpo.

In addition, tourists who visited Pohang took pictures with the dragon sculpture in the background of Guryongpo Park, located in the ‘port where nine dragons ascended to heaven’ to celebrate the Year of the Blue Dragon in Gapjin.

We made special memories with family, friends, and lovers in various ways, including the Space Walk, which shone as the ‘star of Korean tourism’ last year, and the Marine Sky Walk.

In addition to tourist attractions, traditional markets such as Jukdo Market were also crowded with visitors due to the long-awaited holiday, which is said to have driven the revitalization of the local economy.

During the Lunar New Year holiday, Jukdo Market is crowded with people.

Over 100,000 visitors visited Jukdo Market over 4 days, including 38,000 on the 11th alone, to shop for groceries and enjoy Pohang’s representative foods.

Cho Min-seo, who went on a family trip from Gyeonggi-do to Guryongpo for the Lunar New Year holiday, said, “I came to Pohang to enjoy a trip to the winter sea,” and added, “Not only Pohang’s winter food such as gwamegi, snow crab, and mori noodles, but also the coexistence of the Guryongpo area and Homigot. “I was very happy to be able to take pictures and make memories,” he said.

Mayor Lee Kang-deok said, “Pohang, a city of marine culture and tourism, is gaining more popularity through tourists’ tourism experiences and media promotions,” and added, “We will do our best to make Pohang tourism a highly satisfying experience for tourists all year round.”

Meanwhile, in celebration of the Lunar New Year holiday, Pohang City operates a comprehensive situation room composed of 356 people in 15 teams, including disaster and disaster management, transportation measures, environmental maintenance, and economic emergency situation teams, and designates and operates 5 emergency medical institutions and 53 on-call medical institutions. Efforts have been made to resolve the inconvenience of citizens and tourists.

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