“Pol. Lt. Gen. Trirong Phiewphan,” Commander-in-Chief of the OBEC Police Department, praised “Captain Aum” for speaking out and reflecting on the problems of the investigation officers’ work with courage!!

“Pol. Lt. Gen. Trirong Phiewphan,” Commander-in-Chief of the OBEC Police Department, praised “Captain Aum” for speaking out and reflecting on the problems of the investigation officers’ work with courage!!

“From the case of Police Lieutenant Siranee Buaphan, Deputy Investigations Superintendent, Wachirabarami Police Station, Phichit Province, who came out to express her opinions through the Tik Tok app, reflecting the problems with the work of investigators. Widely spread as a viral sensation throughout the country.”

On February 11, 2024, Pol. Lt. Gen. Trirong Phiwphan, commander of the OBEC, discussed the case. “I have listened to the younger investigator, Captain Aum, talk about the investigator’s problems. I understand. You don’t have to worry. that what the younger brother said would be a problem with the advancement of government service Because he presented the truth that has been a long-standing problem in our police industry. and the mannerisms and content that the younger sibling spoke Be polite and humble, befitting a female captain with maturity. It is a refuge for the people. Reflect problems to supervisors. Even more, I know that Nong has previously received the award for being a model police officer. I believe that Nong Um It must grow and will continue to play a part in developing the Royal Thai Police to be a refuge for the people.

The problem is that there is a shortage of investigators. In addition to having to adjust the personnel ratio to suit the workload. The problem of investigators running away to help the government or not accepting cases Claiming that he had not done the expression for a long time (In the case of being reappointed in the investigation line) by having this group of investigators return to receive cases and prepare investigation files. It will solve the problem in the urgent period as quickly as possible. which has been ordered by the Royal Thai Police Every investigator must take the case and have the investigation file under their responsibility. So you can withdraw money for the position. and certify the results of annual investigation work. (for use in appointments to higher positions in police stations or agencies with investigative powers) in this matter, commanders at the headquarters and division levels that oversees the police station Such orders from the Royal Thai Police must be taken seriously. During the time I held the position of Deputy Police Commander (Investigation), I tried to carry out this policy and was able to bring more than 80 young investigators home (to take cases and prepare reports), especially those belonging to the 4th Police Station. Pol. Col. Suphon Khamchu, deputy commander of the 4th Infantry Regiment, has taken intensive action, bringing back up to 30 young men.

For groups that are unable to complete the investigation process Because it has been abandoned for a long time Supervisor/Station Supervisor Must arrange a babysitter On shift together and to help practice making expressions By starting with a case file that is not difficult or complex, such as a District Court case, a case without knowing it, a case of drug use or possession of drugs, etc. Regardless of whether the position is Deputy Superintendent (Investigation) or Police Inspector (Investigation), there must be a case file in responsibility But the commander You must give sympathy/care/give opportunity. This group too Don’t think he doesn’t want to work.

And one more point Nowadays, various legal cases are more complex. This made it impossible to conduct an investigation within the specified period. The Royal Thai Police Headquarters, led by Pol. Gen. Torsak Sukwimon, Police Commander, was aware of the problem, which is in the process of resolving various orders from the Police Headquarters. national To be more consistent with the current situation For ideas about growth in the investigation field If there is an opportunity, we will continue to exchange ideas,” Pol. Lt. Gen. Trirong Phiwphan concluded.

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