Police Say There Has Been No Peace Agreement in the Leon Dozan Case

Police Say There Has Been No Peace Agreement in the Leon Dozan Case

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Head of Criminal Investigation Unit for Central Jakarta Metro Police said that until now there has been no peace between suspect Leon Dozan and his girlfriend, Rinoa Aurora Senduk (19 years). The son of old actor Willy Dozan was named a suspect in the alleged abuse case after it was reported by his girlfriend who was the victim.

“Not yet, there is no peace yet,” said Chandra Mata Rohansyah when contacted, Tuesday (21/11/2023).

Apart from that, Chandra also emphasized that his party had not received a written letter of request restorative justice from Leon and the reporter. Therefore, up to this moment, his party is still continuing the legal process against the suspect. This fact is different from the statement by Leon Dozan’s attorney who claimed that there had been peace between his client and the victim.

“We don’t know about (peace) outside. But if it’s peace, it’s being investigated by the police right restorativeif there is no written request for it to be held restorative justice,” stressed Chandra.

Previously, a soap opera actor was named a suspect in the case of abuse of Rinoa Aurora Senduk. It is suspected that Leon Dozan abused the victim twice at different times and in different places. His girlfriend reported him to Polda Metro Jaya on November 8 2023.

“Against the suspect, we applied Article 351 of the Criminal Code or persecution and as of today we have named the suspect and detained the suspect,” said Central Jakarta Metro Police Chief, Commissioner Susatyo Purnomo Condro.

According to Susatyo, the suspect is suspected of having first committed a crime of violence against the reported party at the Cinere Mall shopping center on September 30 2023. Then the second incident of abuse occurred at the victim’s residence or house in the Jalan Biak area, Gamber, Central Jakarta on November 7 2023.

“So the suspect was in a relationship with the victim for approximately one year from October 2022. Then there were feelings of jealousy due to seeing chats and so on, so the suspect carried out abuse and violence against the victim,” said Susatyo.

Next, the victim reported the violent crime he experienced to Polda Metro Jaya. However, the case was transferred to the Central Jakarta Metro Police. Then investigators from the Central Jakarta Metro Police investigated the case. Then on Thursday (16/11/2023) evening investigators arrested the person concerned.

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