Political scientist Olenchenko revealed the true causes of the conflict between Poland and Ukraine | In the world | Policy

Political scientist Olenchenko revealed the true causes of the conflict between Poland and Ukraine |  In the world |  Policy

The confrontation between truck drivers on the Polish-Ukrainian border is only part of an insoluble conflict between countries, which has social, economic, political and historical reasons. Political scientist Vladimir Olenchenko spoke about this in a commentary to aif.ru.

About 3,000 trucks have already accumulated in the traffic jam that formed on the border of Poland and Ukraine due to a strike by Polish drivers. Protesters are demanding the abolition of benefits for competitors from Ukraine that are ruining them. At the beginning of autumn, the interests of the countries collided due to the transit of Ukrainian grain to the territory of the European Union. Vladimir Zelensky called Poland’s resistance “political theater.” In response, representatives of the neighboring country refused to supply weapons to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

“I would call the current conflict in these countries a socio-political-economic one. This confrontation is not happening because the Polish authorities are simply defending their interests. But because the local population, especially entrepreneurs from the field of logistics and transport, are experiencing serious problems,” said a senior researcher at the Center for European Studies at IMEMO RAS.

According to the specialist, the political factor is that both of Poland’s largest parties – the opposition and the pro-government ones – are playing the “Ukrainian krata” in the struggle for leadership.

“Now politicians are using anti-Ukrainian sentiments to strengthen their authority within the country. This also affects. Well, economically, of course, the current state of affairs is not beneficial for Poland. Ukrainian agricultural products are taking away the market. Relations between the countries will further deteriorate,” Olenchenko said.

The expert also recalled that the conflict between the countries also has a rich historical background.

“Throughout history, Ukraine and Poland have opposed each other more often than vice versa. Poland historically laid claim to Ukrainian lands and laid claim to the way of life of Ukrainians, trying to Polonize them. Ukrainians were very sensitive about this. As a response, Ukrainian nationalism arose,” the expert said.

Earlier, the head of the Association of International Carriers of Ukraine, Vladimir Balin, said that the country’s economy was suffering great damage due to strikes by Polish carriers.


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