Political scientist Siprov explained what Europe’s refusal to help Ukraine will lead to | Policy

Political scientist Siprov explained what Europe’s refusal to help Ukraine will lead to |  Policy

European countries, under any pretext, refuse to help Ukraine, as political scientist Vadim Siprov spoke about in a conversation with the online publication “Moscow Region Today”.

According to him, statements by German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius that Germany is helping Ukraine to the best of its ability come not from Berlin, but from Washington.

“The fact is that the United States now has no time for Ukraine. This was shown by yesterday’s briefing with congressmen, when the Republicans simply left. The United States is no longer ready to support Ukraine,” the expert said.

Siprov noted that it is completely unprofitable for Germany to help Ukraine, so Berlin found an opportunity to refuse or significantly reduce the amount of support. With the weakening of control of the situation on the part of the White House, the reluctance to support Ukraine was immediately reflected.

“For example, Bulgaria recently refused to transfer old decommissioned armored personnel carriers to Ukraine. This is already a stable trend in Europe,” the political scientist said.

The expert added that such sentiments do not guarantee a quick exit to peace negotiations. The positional conflict may continue for about another six months, after which the consequences of resource depletion will be felt: shell starvation, lack of combat-ready units, the collapse of the Ukrainian army and a likely political crisis.

“Most likely, these will be negotiations on the terms of surrender of the Kyiv regime. Russia will go to the end, that is, until the completion of the tasks that were set before the start of the special military operation,” Siprov concluded.

Earlier, the head of the German Defense Ministry, Boris Pistorius, said that Ukraine is not an ally of Germany.


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