Potap will perform in Germany with Russian songs – UNIAN

Potap will perform in Germany with Russian songs – UNIAN


Bespalov spoke about the artist’s behavior.

Ukrainian producer and rapper Potap, who has repeatedly said that he wants to glorify our culture abroad, has planned a concert in Germany, during which he will perform Russian hits from the repertoire of the duet “Potap and Nastya” and the groups “Time and Glass” and “MOZGI”.

Blogger Bohdan Bespalov also drew attention to the fact that there is no mention of a collection for the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the poster of the concert, so this performance can hardly be called charitable.

In addition, the poster states that Potap is an artist of Russian retro, which is also a “zashkvar”.

“Aleksei, during the years of the full-scale invasion, has buried himself so much from the point of view of reputational damage that the incident with the poster puts a bold point in the transparency of his pro-Ukrainian intentions and reputation. The poster is always approved by the management and the artist himself. Potap could not have known about the presentation of himself as an “artist Russian retro,” said Bespalov.

The blogger added that Potap does not want to give up a luxurious life, so he chooses any way to earn money.

“No one wants to go to him for production, Ukrainians do not have requests for songs from the artist, there is also no repertoire with which to tour. There are almost no sources of income left and they will have to tighten their belts,” Bespalov added.

It will be recalled that earlier Potap publicly appealed to the Kamenskys and asked them not to abandon their ego.

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