President Erdoğan spoke at the Algeria-Türkiye Business Forum

President Erdoğan spoke at the Algeria-Türkiye Business Forum

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan attended the Algeria-Turkey Business Forum in Algeria, where he paid an official visit.

Highlights from President Erdoğan’s statements are as follows:


During our meetings, we discussed the commercial relations between our countries in detail. We signed a total of 13 agreements. In our joint declaration, we emphasized our efforts for cooperation that will contribute to the prosperity of the region. Increasing contacts recently are increasing our relationship. Last year there was a 27 percent increase compared to the previous year. The increasing trend continues this year as well. It reached 5 billion dollars in the first 10 months of 2023. We will reach 6 billion dollars by the end of the year. We set a target of 10 billion dollars. I believe we will get here as soon as possible.


Around 1400 companies with Turkish partners operating in Algeria provide employment to 5 thousand Algerian brothers. Our companies operate in a wide range of areas. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our companies once again. We also pave the way for our investors. As two leaders, we are doing our best to overcome the problems faced by our business world. By opening a consulate general in the city of Oran, we enabled them to receive consular services more easily. With the commencement of our Ziraat Bank’s operations, cooperation will further develop. The market value of our companies’ investments reached 6 billion dollars. With these figures, Turkey is the country that invests the most in Algeria, excluding oil and natural gas. We hope to reach the 10 billion dollar level here too.

All our organizations continue our work rapidly. The rapid conclusion of the preferential trade agreement, the negotiations of which started with the joint declaration of intent signed by our Ministers of Trade, will give great impetus to our cooperation. We will continue to work with my dear brother Tebbun on these issues.

We aim to transform our relations in the field of energy into a long-term partnership by shaping it with a new vision. Our institutions and companies are working and developing partnerships for this purpose. I believe that Turkish business people will continue to make the best use of cooperation opportunities in Algeria. We are also pleased with the investments of our Algerian brothers in our country.


Algeria has been one of the countries that gave the bravest and strongest reaction to the Gaza issue. In our meetings today, we discussed in detail with my brother Tebbun what we could do to stop the bloodshed. The attacks in which more than 13 thousand Palestinian brothers were martyred have once again revealed the true face, intention and purpose of Israel and its supporters. In this regard, it is very important that the war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by Israeli rulers are not left without sanctions.

Those who brutally murdered Gaza children, babies, women and the elderly must be held accountable and convicted not only in the conscience of humanity but also in front of international law.


Otherwise, we cannot prevent the oppressor from becoming even more cruel and adding new massacres. The responsibility falls on the Islamic world and all conscientious countries to ensure that the State of Israel does not attempt similar atrocities again. We need to know this once and for all; Israel is a terrorist state. There is no need to hesitate to say this. This is the truth we know. This is the case. So we need to give it its due. And because of this atrocity and genocide, it must be brought to the appropriate court of justice immediately. That’s why thousands of our lawyer friends are currently working, and we need the State of Israel to send them here, especially Netanyahu, and ensure that they are tried here.

My dear brothers and sisters. Aren’t these the ones who hit hospitals, schools, places of worship, mosques and churches? Aren’t these the ones who destroyed Gaza? So will these remain unsanctioned? Are we going to say that the one who does it gets away with it? To do whatever is necessary, here is what happened at the United Nations, 121 countries stood against Israel. 40 countries abstained. 14 countries stood against it. It’s against us… But we will chase. Because Netanyahu is a goner. Even the Israeli people no longer support Netanyahu.


If anyone is on his side today, know this. They owe a debt to Israel. They are on Israel’s side because they owe it to them. But we do not owe anything to Turkey, Algeria or Israel. We owe it to our people. And from this point of view, we, Turkey, will continue to follow the war crimes committed by Israeli rulers against our Palestinian brothers.

Again, in this process, we will not allow the issue of nuclear weapons and atomic bombs, whose existence is denied by Israeli ministers, to be forgotten. O Israel, do you have an atomic bomb or not? Tell me. Can’t say. But look, we say it. Israel, you have an atomic bomb.


We have complained about this to the relevant authorities, and we are still doing so. We will take initiatives both before the United Nations Security Council and the International Atomic Energy Agency on this issue, which threatens the security of the entire region, including Turkey. Along with all this, we will make every effort necessary for the reconstruction of Gaza. Yes. Look, I’m calling out to those with deep pockets. They should also put their hands in their pockets and help Gaza on this issue. We all gave the necessary support to the established fund at the Riyadh Conference. We must provide the necessary support there. We have not, and will not, condone the policy of the Israeli state, which has grown with constant occupations, land grabs, and massacres of the oppressed, to render Gaza uninhabited.

Gaza belongs to the Palestinians. And it will remain so, God willing. I would like to express once again the importance of us, as the Islamic world, supporting the Palestinian cause. With these thoughts, I congratulate all institutions and organizations that contributed to the preparation of the business form. I hope that our meeting and the new collaborations to be established will be beneficial.


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