President Erdoğan: What Israel is doing is not war, it is state terrorism

President Erdoğan: What Israel is doing is not war, it is state terrorism

“Israel and its supporters, who use war tools, including the atomic bomb threat, will be judged before the conscience of humanity,” said President Erdogan, adding, “The shame of the Holocaust has captured European countries. The Israeli administration uses the Holocaust as a shield.”


The cabinet convened in Beştepe under the chairmanship of President Erdoğan. The main agenda item of the 3-hour meeting was Israel’s massacre in Gaza. After the meeting, President Erdoğan appeared in front of the cameras and made statements.

Highlights from President Erdoğan’s statements were as follows:

“First of all, I wholeheartedly congratulate our national football team, which achieved a historic victory against Germany in the friendly match played at the Berlin Olympic Stadium on Saturday night. Our nationals made us feel indescribable pride with the 3-2 away score, which came after 72 years. Our expatriate brothers supported our team with enthusiasm It was also meaningful for us to receive them.

We continue our struggle for the construction of the Turkish Century with determination. We attended many events, summits, meetings and opening ceremonies both inside and outside. We once again reinforced our unity and solidarity at the Organization of Turkic States summit held in Astana, hosted by Kazakhstan.

“We are step by step approaching the ideal of unity in language, thought and work.”

We are step by step approaching the late Gaspirali Ismail Bey’s ideal of ‘Unity in language, thought and work’. It was a historic step for the TRNC to become an observer member of the organization under its constitutional name last year. In addition to breaking the isolation imposed on our Turkish Cypriot brothers, we demonstrated the Turkish world’s support for the people of Cyprus. I congratulate our brothers in TRNC on the 15 November Republic Day again. Dr. Once again, I remember Fazıl Küçük and Rauf Denktaş with mercy. Finally, 4 months ago, on July 20, Peace and Freedom Day, we opened the new terminal building and runway of Ercan Airport. Time will prove what a big mistake the EU made by acting contrary to its promises. We witness that those who try to turn the Turkish Cypriots away from their rightful cause through embargoes are pursuing new games in the Caucasus.

“I call on Armenia to hold the hand of peace”

Some Western powers still fail to realize that a new era has begun in our region. They exploited, used, and condemned the Armenians to insecurity by fueling unrealistic dreams. This fact needs to be seen and accepted by Armenia. No weapons and ammunition sent by Western countries can replace the peace that a permanent peace environment will provide. It is our greatest wish that the Armenians do not waste the opportunity for peace by falling into different dreams. I call on Armenia to hold the bar offered by our Azerbaijani brothers.

“We have brought to our country the most comprehensive social security and health system in the world”

For the first time in our period, the Republic of Turkey has fully attained the noble state character that it inherited from history. The longing for the Republic, which was the dream of the founding team and the one of the orphans, has turned from an ideal into a reality in 21 years. We have brought to our country the most comprehensive social security and health system in the world. We have made special efforts to ensure that no citizen of ours is left outside the umbrella of compassion of our state. We have implemented new regulations in different areas, from various support programs to home care services. As in other fields, we are not satisfied with the current situation in social state practices, we are constantly improving ourselves. Hospice Social Life was the latest example of this.

“We stand with the oppressed, the victimized and the oppressed”

We have brought a truly magnificent work to our country, with a construction area of ​​146 thousand square meters, 23 blocks with a capacity of 928 beds, a mosque, a church and a synagogue. I hope that the Darülaceze, which we completed in a short time of 1.5 years despite the earthquake disaster we experienced, will be beneficial to our nation. We stand by the oppressed, the victimized and the oppressed abroad. We are trying to help those in need operating in the most difficult geographies of the world with our AFAD, Red Crescent and TIKA.

“We will always continue to stand by our brothers”

Just as the pain of the oppressed people in Palestine is our pain, the troubles of Uygun Turks, Meskhetian Turks and Kirkuk Turkmens are our troubles. We are closely interested in all of these. Turkey’s sensitivity towards kin and relative communities has reached its peak in our period. From now on, we will always continue to stand by our brothers.

“We sent up to 800 tons of materials to Gaza”

With this understanding, we support the people of Gaza, who have been subjected to Israel’s immoral and despicable attacks since October 7. We sent a civilian humanitarian aid ship to Egypt with 11 planes full of supplies. We have shipped up to 800 tons of materials to the region for our Gazan brothers. We ensure that aid materials are delivered to Gaza through the Rafah Border Gate. Israel not only kills the people of Gaza by completely cutting off their water, fuel, electricity and communications, but also tries to break the Gazans’ determination to resist by deliberately bombing their hospitals.

“Killing children is not war, it is barbarism”

There is a literal savagery being committed in Gaza, a brutality that is as good as what happened during the Crusader occupation a thousand years ago and during World War II. They are in a state of madness, boasting about murdering pregnant women. Killing children, old men and women by bombing them with planes, tanks, cannons and raining bullets on them is not war, but barbarism, banditry and state terrorism.

“Netanyahu is trying to revive his lost reputation by bombing Gaza”

Netanyahu is trying to revive the reputation he has lost among the Israeli people by bombing hospitals, places of worship and schools. Almost all hospitals were either destroyed, damaged or unusable. We all followed the atrocities that took place in Al Ahl Baptist and Shifa hospitals. It turned out that the claims made by Israel about these hospitals were complete nonsense.

“Supposedly the civilized world watched silently”

The supposedly civilized world watched Israel’s attacks on hospitals in silence. We have seen countries that claim Israel’s right to defend itself, which is a clear violation of the law of war. After the only oncology hospital in Gaza was hit, we started our initiative by transferring cancer patients there to our country. We brought a total of 88 patients and 61 companions to our country. We evacuated some of our citizens stranded in Gaza yesterday. Our efforts regarding the others continue. Today, the Turk is the one who is missed, the one who is observed, the protector of the oppressed and the victimized. “Turkey fulfills its historical mission by embracing those who are in trouble, not by being negligent.”

“We follow the unscrupulousness of Western countries with shame.”

While we, as Turkey, are mobilized to stop the bloodshed in Gaza, we follow the unscrupulousness of Western countries with shame. There is not the slightest reaction from Europe to America. Anyone who supports the threat of dropping an atomic bomb on children and the elderly will be judged not only before history but also before humanity.

“The shame of the Holocaust has captured European leaders”

We are faced with timidity and cowardice that hesitate to even use the word ceasefire. The shame of the Holocaust has gripped European leaders. Western intellectuals, press organizations and human rights organizations are also seeking to exonerate Israel. The Israeli administration uses the holocaust and genocidal massacres as a shield. We sadly witnessed it once again during our last trip to Germany. This is why we boldly say what we know to be true, even if it disturbs some people. We have no debt, but they all owe a debt to Israel. They are paying debts. The shameful incident is the false brotherhood that Western countries display with Israel in covering up their massacres.

“We will not allow the issue of Israel’s nuclear weapons to be forgotten”

It is an exemplary example that those seeking nuclear weapons in Iraq did not say a word when faced with the atomic bomb confession made by Israeli ministers in front of the cameras. Israel openly admits that it has nuclear power. The issue of nuclear weapons is not a matter to be left alone. Those who do not speak out against Israel today will have nothing to say to other countries tomorrow. As Turkey, we will not allow the issue of Israel’s nuclear weapons to be forgotten or forgotten. We made important decisions regarding nuclear weapons at the Riyadh summit. “We will continue to keep both issues on the agenda in the coming period.”


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