Pretending to “play big”?

Pretending to “play big”?

“It was instilled that we should live under the shade of a big tree. Until in the end we couldn’t see any light at all.”

You can say it’s a “quote” but many people wonder about the intentions of Khun Kong Huai Rai, the famous singer who posted it. What exactly do you want to convey?

which if looking back is not near-far Mr. Kong often expresses political opinions as issues. But they mostly just hang around with politicians.

This time we talked about “under the shade of a big tree” people in society and in the social world. So we thought and looked at each other that Khun Kong Huai Rai should play big. With the courage of his own popularity and confidence!

Well..there’s nothing to say – I’ll warn you. Because of famous people in the entertainment industry Some people’s necks are stiff, their ears are tight, and when they call their name they have to slowly turn around. Sometimes they just ignore it. It’s like I can’t hear you.

Therefore, will there be meaning or not? I saw that he wanted to put it aside. The more Khun Kong once posted that.. “I was born from the people. If I end up, I end up with the people.”

The media like me should probably be involved. Or criticize this singer’s words and behavior?

However, I’d like to warn Mr. Kong a little.. even if you’re not grateful for the “big shade tree,” please don’t even think about uprooting or cutting it down or destroying it!

Oh..but that (if true) should have been spoken out. I’m referring to Mr. Pat Rananaphan Yuengyungpoonchai, female singer of the band KLEAR, who posted.. “Do hotels have the right to enter customers’ rooms?

Last night at around 10:00 p.m., Pat was in the room alone. Getting dressed in a hotel room Preparing to go out and show A man used a key card to enter the room. Pat was shocked and shouted loudly.

The man said, ‘Excuse me,’ and closed the door. After a while, someone called up to the room and said,
‘Excuse me, I saw that the air conditioner wasn’t working so I’m going to come in and take a look.’ Confused, then hung up.

Yes, Pat didn’t turn on the air conditioner because the weather was quite cold (and do normal schools have monitors to see which rooms have/don’t turn on the air conditioner?)

But when I think about it, it doesn’t make any sense. that the hotel will have the right to open into the room that the customer has checked in to stay

It’s very dangerous. Especially for women traveling alone and sleeping alone, the rooms here do not have U-lock cables.

The band manager went down to ask for details. And asked for another card from Pat’s room because at first he only got one. (Should we normally get two cards per room?) The hotel gave us the cards without any additional scanning.

It was as if another one had already been prepared for this room. Which is also strange.

Last night, Pat didn’t change hotels. Because I was lucky to go to the province where my younger sibling lives. So I called and asked my younger sister to come help me sleep with me. And this morning we left very early. If you change hotels, you may have to stay up late.

But it was a sleep that felt unsafe all night. Is there a compelling reason why hotels should open into rooms that customers have already checked in?

Even if the customer isn’t in the room, is there property in the room? And here Pat is getting dressed. It’s really heavy too, right?

And last night, P’Natklong’s room actually didn’t have an air conditioner on either. No one opened it.” it and get excited instead. I don’t know whether that employee will be punished or not or how?

which even if they have good intentions to take care of serving customers-service users But having the discretion to suddenly open the door and enter the woman’s room that was alone..

There really is no reason to have weight to justify it!.

San Satorman

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