Princess Nourah University organizes the World International Students Day event

Princess Nourah University organizes the World International Students Day event

Princess Noura bint Abdul Rahman University, represented by the Institute for Teaching Arabic to Non-Native Speakers, and with the participation of the university’s colleges, organized the “World International Students Day” event, in conjunction with World International Students Day.

The event aimed to enhance human creativity and communication with diverse types of cultures, by encouraging cooperation and understanding between students from different countries and cultures and showing appreciation for them.

The event included a cultural exhibition to showcase the different cultures of international students at Princess Noura University, representing 64 nationalities and speaking 16 languages, highlighting the civilizational and cultural heritage of each society. It also included artistic activities that reflect cultural diversity and the heritage and cultures of peoples and world languages ​​in a contemporary context.

The event included cultural competitions to enrich knowledge and showcase global cultures, a corner for practicing cultural activities, in addition to a dialogue session to discuss the challenges and opportunities that international students face in the academic community, and the experiences and experiences of learning in the other country. The linguistic challenges faced by international students were also discussed.

World International Students Day seeks to promote global communication by encouraging students to communicate with their international colleagues, understand their experiences and share their cultures, and promote international education, diversity and cultural exchange.

This initiative comes within the framework of the roles of the Institute for Teaching Arabic to Non-Native Speakers at Princess Noura bint Abdulrahman University, in contributing to the university’s strategic plan 2025, by enhancing the status of the Arabic language and building bridges of communication with the local and global community.


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