‘Probation’ prepares to meet ‘Thaksin’ at Ban Chan Song La No need to wear EM bracelets, you can appear on TV.

‘Probation’ prepares to meet ‘Thaksin’ at Ban Chan Song La  No need to wear EM bracelets, you can appear on TV.

“Deputy Director General of the Probation Department” is preparing to meet with “Thaksin” within 21 February to explain the process for suspending his sentence. Pointing out that you may not need to wear EM bracelets. Due to being considered an elderly person – sick

13 Feb. 2024 – Pol. Lt. Col. Montree Bunyayothin, Deputy Director-General of the Probation Department Discussing the steps and methods for accepting Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra, former Prime Minister. From the Department of Corrections to enter the punishment suspension process Under the supervision of the Probation Department that after the former prime minister had received a suspended sentence Because they meet the specified criteria, namely being over 70 years old and sick. Which if counting by the date and time that the former prime minister has previously entered the punishment process, it is calculated as 1 in 3 or 6 months (180 days) which will make on February 18th Mr. Thaksin will enter Immediate suspension process But we have to wait and see the suspension notice to see what the details are. and those who received a suspended sentence, whether it was a suspension of punishment in a normal case Or in the case of special circumstances, everyone has 3 days from the date of receiving the suspension. To meet and report to the probation officer

In the case of Mr. Thaksin or any person who is an elderly person over 70 years of age and has that illness. according to standards of practice Through the Probation Department It will be the party who travels to meet in person within 3 days, from February 18th – February 21st, at each person’s place of detention. or the appointed place To clarify the punishment suspension process Conditions of Probation, Orientation, and Initial Actions But before meeting Probation department officials must first obtain consent from the person and their relatives as to what time is convenient. We must also allow time for the doctor’s treatment. In order to provide the greatest convenience, in the case of a normal suspension of punishment Those receiving a suspended sentence must also report to the probation office in person within 3 days.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Montri also said that for meeting with a person who has received a suspended sentence in the case of special circumstances, especially that person Being a person who has held a high-ranking political position or an important person of the country The Director-General of the Probation Department will assign senior executives to meet at the same time. with the probation officer as well and the process for notifying various conditions of suspension It will be in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Justice regarding the criteria, methods and conditions regarding probation, B.E. 2017, such as accepting cases. When the Probation Office receives an order to supervise an adult probationer from the court. Let administrative officials take the following preliminary steps: 1. Prepare a case register. and check personal information (This step can be done at the Probation Office.) 2. Check the history of offenses. 3. Prepare the case report by collecting relevant documents and evidence correctly and completely. 4.Import data into the information system and the case directory of the Probation Office 5.Other operations As assigned, etc.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Montri added that As for wearing or not wearing an EM bracelet, that is at the discretion of the Sentencing Committee. In the case of Mr. Thaksin Considered to be a person receiving a suspended sentence in the case of special circumstances. Because he is elderly, 74 years old, and sick, therefore, according to past criteria, the committee usually does not allow people to wear EM bracelets because they have to take into account health problems and the low risk of repeat offenses. As for the special conditions in the case of Mr. Thaksin Being a prisoner from a corruption case The probation officer will have thoroughly investigated the information. and evaluate if the sentence is suspended Who is the sponsor? A dependent person or in colloquial language may be called a guarantor. What is your occupation or residence? And when Mr. Thaksin receives a suspended sentence, what will his occupation be? Where will you go to spend your punishment? Do you have money for living? And can you help yourself? If the facts obtained from the search for information are found to be insufficiently convenient in any aspect The probation officer was able to assess whether he might repeat the crime. or corruption This is the basic principle for ascertaining the facts.

As for the issue of Mr. Thaksin’s reporting after receiving his suspension, Police Lieutenant Colonel Montri said that normally whether a person receives a suspension from a normal or special case, must report to the probation officer every month up to 4 months, but after 4 months, if there is normal reporting, it can be relaxed to reporting every 2 months and if the person receiving probation still has symptoms of illness Not getting well The probation officer will be the one to travel to meet as before. In addition, even during the sentence of the person wearing the EM bracelet, their symptoms will be normal, but if they become ill later on, Probation officers must also travel to meet them in person. We will absolutely not affect the health of those receiving suspended sentences. and will approve the matter of having the EM bracelet removed from the punishment suspension committee.

When asked about the conditions after the sentence has been suspended, Pol. Lt. Col. Montree said that if the place of punishment is in the Bangkok area If traveling across the area to another province If there is a need to leave the district area, please notify the probation officer. It is possible to leave the area temporarily. As for traveling abroad, it will not be possible. and issuing various TV reports can be done and do not have to notify the probation officer You just have to see if the content you’re going to say will have any impact or not. Or cause damage or not?


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