“Produce”… the first of the anticipated initiatives of the Saudi Media Forum in its third edition

“Produce”… the first of the anticipated initiatives of the Saudi Media Forum in its third edition

The CEO of the Radio and Television Corporation, and Chairman of the Saudi Media Forum, Mohammed bin Fahd Al-Harithi, announced the launch of the “Produce” initiative during the Saudi Media Forum in its third session, which will be held on February 20 and 21 in the capital, Riyadh. The “Produce” initiative comes as an extension of its counterpart, “Be a Broadcaster.” “Announced during the second edition of the forum, in an effort to diversify the production of specialists and scholars in the media field, and to provide a choice between several creative paths.
The initiative aims to enhance self-reliance and individual skills among students in the media sector and encourage them to innovate and be unique. It also provides them with an opportunity to highlight their personal talents and media capabilities, provide an incubating environment for promising talents in the sector, both visual and audio, and enable them to keep pace with the rapid updates taking place in the media arena.
The “Produce” initiative includes several tracks, including writing, photography, acting, and presentation, so that participants can live the experience in all its creative stages. It also allows this in the form of groups, each group presenting a common idea, which is fully produced and presented to a committee of specialists and experts in the media field and evaluated with the participation of the public.
The initiative goes through several stages, starting with the registration and qualification stage through the electronic platform that explains the admission criteria, after which introductory workshops are organized about the tracks available for participation, followed by the training stage and the provision of educational content tailored to each track, through online courses and educational videos, with the provision of individual counseling sessions. With professionals in the media sector, the participants then begin the stages of implementing an individual media project according to the path chosen by each of them, taking into account providing basic logistical support in the form of equipment or software to the participants.
The initiative’s evaluation criteria include creativity and innovation in content, technical and professional quality in implementation, the ability to influence and communicate with the public, and adherence to ethical standards.
It is noteworthy that the “Be a Broadcaster” initiative witnessed, in the last edition of the forum, wide interaction from different ages and groups, and represented an ideal opportunity for media graduates and promising young people interested in the field of the television and podcast industry.


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