Proposing free public transportation in Hanoi during 4 holidays and Tet

Proposing free public transportation in Hanoi during 4 holidays and Tet

TPO – The Hanoi Department of Transport has just advised and proposed that the Hanoi People’s Committee provide free travel for all people participating in public passenger transport (VTHKCC) in the capital during the 4 major holidays and New Year. during the year, including New Year’s Day; Lunar New Year; Holidays April 30, May 1…

The group of people proposed by the Hanoi Department of Transport to participate in public transportation such as buses and urban railways for free belongs to 5 passenger groups, including the elderly aged 60 and over, people with meritorious services, People with disabilities, children under 6 years old and people from poor households.

The number of people taking buses in Hanoi is increasing

Among these groups, the group of elderly people aged 60 and over has been given free bus rides by Hanoi city for the past two years.

After receiving a proposal from the Department of Transport, the Hanoi People’s Committee is considering this and will report to the City People’s Council for comments for implementation from the upcoming April 30 and May 1 holidays.

After about two years of implementing free public transport by bus for people 60 years of age and older, the Hanoi Department of Transport released statistics that the number of free ticket cards increases year by year. Specifically, in 2019 there were 292,289 cards; By the end of 2022, there will be 546,382 cards; To date, there are more than 603,000 cards, an increase of 11% compared to 2022 and nearly 3 times the number of passengers using monthly tickets (with revenue).

According to the Hanoi Department of Transport, the public transport network currently has two types: buses and 1 urban railway line. With buses, there are currently 154 routes in the city, including 132 subsidized bus routes, 8 non-subsidized routes, 12 adjacent bus routes and 2 City Tour routes (double-decker buses). In 2023, the number of bus passengers transported in 2023 will reach more than 7.27 million passengers, an increase of 30.6%.

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