Protesting street photographers will meet Granelli

Protesting street photographers will meet Granelli


Yesterday morning, in front of Palazzo Marino, in Piazza della Scala, about twenty walking photographers protested against their removal from Piazza Duomo. The signs brandished by the demonstrators read: “let us work” and “why did you leave us at home?”. One of the protesters explained: «I have been doing this job for almost ten years and one day the local police came and said I couldn’t work, without saying the reason. Yet we all have VAT numbers and permits, we are all in order.”

Nidil Cgil Milan: «Photographers invited to leave Piazza Duomo without reason»

At the beginning of March, “the workers were suddenly asked to leave the square without any explanation”, we read in a note released by Nidil Cgil Milano. «These professionals, who for years have offered their services mainly to tourists – continues the note – found themselves without their usual place of work, deprived of any notice or justification».

The Municipality: «We are working to draw up a regulation for everyone»

The response from the Municipality was practically immediate, setting up a meeting between the photographers and the safety councilor, Marco Granelli.

At the same time, Palazzo Marino made it known that the Municipality offices are already working to identify a specificity within the regulation that regulates the activities of street artists to authorize photographers, regular street vendors, to carry out their work, distinguishing them from those operate irregularly.

Nidil Cgil Milan: «Satisfied when we see the results»

«It was reassuring to know that the Municipality was already dealing with the issue, we didn’t know it until this morning – said Andrea Bacchin, Nidil Cgil Milan Official -. We will declare ourselves satisfied when we see the results, because in any case these people have not worked for a month”, continued the trade unionist, specifying that “now we will reconsult the workers to better understand what their needs are, but we are hopeful that this is the beginning of a fruitful dialogue with the Municipality”.


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