Proud of the brilliant statistics of the past

Proud of the brilliant statistics of the past
After the meeting between Iran and Hong Kong, Ghalenoui decided to expel Ahmad Nurolahi from the national team due to disciplinary reasons, although he himself left the national team camp first. Anyway, today’s confrontation between Iran and Uzbekistan has multifaceted attractions, both because it is in the heart of the World Cup qualifiers and because of the brilliant statistics of the past.

Head coach of Uzbekistan: We have the ability to overcome Iran
Serko Katanch, the head coach of the Uzbekistan national team, made an interesting claim about the match against Iran before the World Cup preliminaries.

We haven’t done anything special yet and we only got three points against Turkmenistan.

We have a serious opponent ahead of us and we should not lose our focus because of this.

You always have to stay focused and give your all to practice. You can’t move slowly on the pitch and you have to make quick decisions, that starts in practice.

We have a good chance to get a positive result, we will beat Iran and this happens only by playing together, if we lose our focus a little, we will face a problem.

Manicone: We scored a lot of goals in the previous games
Iran’s national football team head coach Amir Ghalenoui was not present at the press conference before the match with Uzbekistan, and his assistant Manikone participated in his place.

Uzbekistan is playing very well. This team benefits from Serco Katanc, who is a good coach.

We won 9 games in a row with many goals. We always use our attacking abilities. This is football and you can’t just defend or attack.

Our team is smart and knows when to attack and how to defend. Football is played with different tactics.

Jahanbakhsh was injured and was not in a good condition. Jahanbakhsh is one of the influential players who I hope will get well soon.

Saeed Ezzatullahi: We will fight against Uzbekistan with all our strength
Saeed Ezzatollahi, a player of Iran’s national football team, also spoke at a press conference before the match with Uzbekistan:

We know that it is definitely a hard and interesting game. We will play with all our strength to fight and defend the name of Iran.

One of the strong points of Uzbekistan is the presence of an experienced striker like Shamorudov, but we are certainly Iran’s national team and we have analyzed Uzbekistan.

The technical staff will definitely convey their points of view to the children, and together we will try to implement the points of view of the national team on the field.

Iran has many players who are abroad and this experience helps the national team.

12 times the two teams have played against each other.

Iran’s national football team has won 10 times.

It is a number that shows the victory of the Uzbekistan national team.

The last 7 matches between Iran and Uzbekistan have been recorded with only one goal scored for Iran.

4 goals in the match between Iran and Uzbekistan in the 1998 Asian Games have been recorded as the most goals scored in the history of the two teams.


8 consecutive wins. This can be a special record for Iran if it wins today.

1.58 goals, the average goal was recorded in the previous 12 games.

9 players have managed to score against Uzbekistan so far.

3 goals from Daei and Azmoun to Uzbekistan have made them Iran’s best scorers against opponents.

Iran’s goal has been opened 3 times by Uzbekistan in the previous 12 games.


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