Published in the Official Gazette! “General Directorate of Border Management” was established

Published in the Official Gazette!  “General Directorate of Border Management” was established

“Presidential Decree on Amendments to Some Presidential Decrees” was published in the Official Gazette and entered into force.

Accordingly, the Border Management Department, which was previously under the General Directorate of Provincial Administration, was abolished and the Border Management General Directorate under the Directorate of Immigration Management was established instead.

The general directorate will carry out work and transactions related to investments and projects for border management and security.

The general directorate, which will create a common risk strategy within the scope of border management and carry out studies on the works and transactions within the scope of common risk analysis activities, will ensure and develop cooperation and coordination between national and international institutions and organizations by monitoring the work and transactions as the national contact point on border management issues.

The general directorate, which will monitor the implementation of the legislation on civil airports, ports and border gates, and will coordinate the work and transactions aimed at eliminating the problems and hesitations that arise between institutions and organizations in the implementation of the legislation, will also work on improving the legislation and administrative capacity in the field of border management.

The general directorate, which will create the infrastructure for inter-institutional communication and data sharing in the field of border management, will supply, install and operate the necessary network devices, information system infrastructure and information systems for this purpose, will work in the field of trans-border crimes, and will carry out the work and transactions regarding the opening and closing of border gates. will carry out the preparatory work and ensure coordination.

The general directorate will collect, analyze and evaluate data related to border management and prepare reports on issues within its field of responsibility.

On the other hand, the general director of border management and 7 department heads were created for the central organization of the Directorate of Immigration Management.


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