Putin offered the USA to freeze the war in Ukraine: what did they say?

Putin offered the USA to freeze the war in Ukraine: what did they say?

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has sent signals to the United States that he is ready to consider a ceasefire in Ukraine. Photo: TASS

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin sent signals to the USA that he was ready to consider a ceasefire in Ukraine.

However, they were rejected in Washington, not wanting to conduct negotiations bypassing Kyiv. This was reported by Reuters with reference to three Russian sources familiar with the progress of the discussions.

According to sources, in 2023, Putin made his position clear publicly, and also conveyed it privately through intermediaries – in particular, through Moscow’s Arab partners in the Middle East.

Putin offered to freeze the conflict on the condition that Russian troops remain on the Ukrainian territories occupied by them.

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According to the interlocutors of the agency, Putin’s signals were transmitted to Washington and discussed at a meeting of senior officials, including the White House adviser on national security Jake Sullivandirector of the CIA Bill Burns and the US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.

In the end, one of the sources told Reuters, in January 2024, Sullivan made a phone call to Putin’s adviser Yuri Ushakov and told him that the United States will not discuss a ceasefire without the participation of Ukraine itself.

Now, the interlocutors of the agency note, the Kremlin sees no point in further contacts with the USA on this issue, so the war will continue.

Interview of the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin American TV presenter To Tucker Carlson full of false facts and distortion of history.

Putin tried to impress the audience with his imaginary erudition from known history and did not give Carlson the opportunity to ask critical questions. Journalists of The Washington Post are convinced of this.

They said that Putin was better prepared for this interview than Carlson. They wrote that “a trained KGB agent easily avoided Carlson’s rare attempts to get a direct answer.”


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