Putin: The West has been deceiving Russia all along!

Putin: The West has been deceiving Russia all along!

President Vladimir Russia’s Putin interviews famous American host Tucker Carlson in Moscow on February 6th

It was a question-answer session lasting 2 hours.

And it became a hot topic of discussion around the world that this host should be praised for giving an exclusive interview that Western journalists had not been able to get before, especially since the outbreak of the Ukraine war two years ago.

or should be condemned for submitting to it.”propaganda toolPutin’s

Putin’s main points:

The US tries to weaken Russia but is more afraid of China.

“The West is more afraid of a strong China than it is of a strong Russia. Because Russia has a population of 150 million and China has a population of 1.5 billion, and their economies are growing at a rapid pace, or 5% per year, but before it was even higher.”

For China, as Bismarck (of Germany) once said that potential is the most important thing. China’s potential is enormous.

“Today, China has the largest economy in the world in terms of purchasing power. And the size of its economy surpassed that of the United States long ago. and is growing rapidly.”

Putin accused the United States of Always deceiving Russia

“Let’s not argue about who is afraid of whom. Let’s look at the truth.”

After 1991 (the year the Soviet Union collapsed), Russia expected will be welcomed into the family of brothers and sisters of a civilized country. Nothing like this happened.

“You tricked us, I don’t mean you personally. When I said youOf course I am talking about the United States.”

The promise was that NATO would not expand eastward. But actually, it happened 5 times and there were 5 waves of expansion.

“We endured all of that. At that time we tried to influence the West by pointing out that we were middle class like you then! We tell the West that Russia is a market economy and that the Communist Party is no longer in power.”

Putin slams America for using the dollar to threaten Russia… which is a big mistake.

“Did you know that using the dollar as a tool in foreign policy battles is one of the biggest strategic mistakes made by U.S. political leaders? I don’t want to use any harsh language. But that was foolish and a serious mistake.”

Look at what is happening in the world today: even the United States’ allies are reducing the size of their dollar reserves. Seeing this, everyone started looking for ways to protect themselves. But the fact that the United States has taken strict measures against some countries, such as restricting transactions, The freezing of assets, etc., causes great concern and sends signals across the world.

What is happening now is that, before 2022, about 80% of Russian foreign trade transactions took place in US dollars and euros. The US dollar accounts for approximately 50% of our transactions with third countries. while currently it has decreased to 13%.

“It was not us who banned the use of the US dollar. We have no such intention. It is the decision of the United States to limit our transactions in US dollars.

“I think it is completely foolish from the perspective of US interests. and taxpayers When it damages the US economy and undermine U.S. power around the world.”

Having said that, Putin said that the Chinese currency Yuan is becoming more and more widespread.

In the past, our transactions in Yuan accounted for about 3%. Today, 34% of our transactions are in rubles and slightly more than 34% in Yuan.”

Why is the United States doing this? The only thing I can guess is self-confidence. They probably thought it would lead to a complete collapse. But to be honest, nothing fell apart as expected.

“Moreover, other countries, including oil producers, Considering and accepting payment for gas in Yuan.

“Do you know what happened?? Does anyone in America know about this?? What are you doing? You are cutting yourself off from the world. All experts say this. Ask smart, thoughtful people in the United States what the dollar means to the United States, and you are killing it with your own hands.”

Putin clearly wanted the interview to send a message to the United States and the West that it would be unwise to sanction Russia in the wake of the Ukraine war.

instead of “punish” Russia, on the other hand, has been affected by the United States and the West.

How can this be called a wise policy?

(Tomorrow: Putin joins hands with China to set up a new world pole to counterbalance the West)

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