Qingnuan Workers Binhai New Area Federation of Trade Unions launches a series of New Year activities

Qingnuan Workers Binhai New Area Federation of Trade Unions launches a series of New Year activities

Tianjin Northern Network News:In order to convey the party and the government’s deep concern for the vast number of employees in the New District, in recent days, the trade unions at all levels in the New District have carried out warm condolences activities during the Spring Festival, timely sending the warm care of the party and the government to the hearts of the employees, and relying on the employee home and employee bookstore , trade union self-media platforms and other employee cultural activity positions and platforms hold cultural activities that employees love to hear and see, constantly increasing the employees’ sense of gain and happiness.

Send warmth and care to the hearts of employees

In order to ensure that the people of the New District have a safe, happy and peaceful New Year, during the Spring Festival, all relevant units in the New District, especially the district’s public security, health, water affairs, urban management, market and other functional departments will stick to their posts, perform their duties, make silent contributions, and make every effort to ensure The city operates safely, smoothly and orderly.In this regard, the New District Federation of Trade Unions carried outIn 2024, the special condolence action of “Warm Bincheng·Happiness and Care” allocated more than 1.4 million yuan in condolence funds to arrange for front-line staff at the grassroots level during the Spring Festival holiday in five units: the District Public Security Bureau, the Health Commission, the Water Conservancy Bureau, the Urban Management Committee, and the Market Bureau. Nutritious meals further unite the vast number of employees in the district to support and lead the high-quality development of Bincheng.

As the Spring Festival approaches, many new employment groups still insist on working, running on the front line. A few days ago, the Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone Group Work Department (Federation of Trade Unions, Youth League Committee, Women’s Federation) and Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone Urban Environment Management Bureau held a warm service season condolences event for workers in the new employment form and the promotion ceremony of the new employment form worker service station in the Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone. We sent milk and other holiday gifts to workers in the new employment situation, and invited employee calligraphers to write Spring Festival couplets and blessing characters on the spot.

At the promotional booth,More than 20 kinds of books, brochures such as “Booking Happiness” psychological folding pages, legal education playing cards, and environmentally friendly canvas bags are very popular among workers in the new employment form, especially the list of service stations specially prepared for this event, inclusive The policy list has attracted attention.

Wang Xiaofeng, a courier from Tianjin Jingbangda Supply Chain Technology Co., Ltd. who participated in the event, said, “Thank you for the increasing attention and support from all walks of life. This event provides considerate services to the new employment form of labor groups and allows everyone to have a home. ‘s sense of belonging, I will turn this care into work motivation.”

This Spring Festival, due to project construction needs, many migrant workers choose to celebrate the New Year on the spot.Recently, the High-tech Zone Federation of Trade Unions visited Tianjin Sanan Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., Kuaigou Taxi Freight Company and other companies to express condolences to migrant workers who stayed in Tianjin during the Spring Festival.435 migrant workers staying in Tianjin presented specially customized New Year’s Eve dinner and New Year greetings, allowing them to truly feel the deep warmth from the “native family” of the trade union. He also learned more about their production and living conditions, and asked them to pay attention to production safety during the Spring Festival and improve their awareness of self-prevention. At the same time, enterprises are urged to conscientiously implement the safety production responsibility system and labor protection, and do a good job in safety production during the Spring Festival.

Special cultural activities create a strong festive atmosphere

In the past few days, the TEDA Staff Art Troupe has reached its busiest time of the year. It not only has to deliver finished programs, but also goes into companies to support, guide and organize employee performances.So far, the art troupe supports Aisin automatic transmission, Denso Electronics, Honeywell Environmental Control, etc.There are 42 finished programs from 18 companies, 55 programs from 14 companies such as FAW-Volkswagen, AD Pipeline, and Dongfang Electric Wind Power Technology have been guided, and 247 costumes and props have been supported by 10 companies including Dongfang Electric Wind Power Technology and Lizhong Wheel, both online and offline. There are more than 28,000 employees under observation.

At the same time, in recent days, the Dongjiang Comprehensive Free Trade Zone Federation of Trade Unions has held more than ten New Year’s eventsThe “Sending Services to the Grassroots” activity welcomes the New Year with Dongjiang employees. New Year coaster making, special baking experience, New Year miniature globe, New Year flower tube making, New Year blessing hanging experience… Various special New Year activities are in full swing in grassroots units, creating a festive, peaceful and cultural New Year atmosphere. More than 500 employees participated.

In order to enhance cohesion and centripetal force and stimulate the entrepreneurial enthusiasm and motivation of the majority of employees and officers, the Tanggu Subdistrict Federation of Trade Unions recently held“Win step by step, welcome the New Year in Xintang” chess and card invitational competition. The competition consists of two events: poker and backgammon, and adopts a best-of-three-game elimination round. More than 300 players from Tanggu sub-district agencies, communities, and enterprises in the jurisdiction participated in the competition, with a total of 17 teams participating. While waiting in the waiting area, the staff of the Tanggu Subdistrict Federation of Trade Unions also sent New Year blessings to the contestants and promoted the union’s inclusive policies to the contestants from different units, which was warmly welcomed by the employees.

In addition, the Zhongtang Town Government Trade Union held a fun sports meeting to welcome the New Year, with a “circle” to win, fun throwing pots, and “working together”… The competition events are both interesting and interactive, allowing employees to relax physically and mentally. , stimulate the enthusiasm and motivation to be the first and strive for excellence. (Jinyun News reporter Chen Runing)  


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