Raisi: Israel’s terrorist attack on the consulate of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Damascus is unanswered…

Raisi: Israel’s terrorist attack on the consulate of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Damascus is unanswered…


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Stating that no plan for the future of Palestine can be implemented without the opinion of the original owners of this land, the president emphasized: Iran, as it has announced before, supports the resistance and emphasizes the legitimacy of the Palestinian people in the fight against the Zionist regime. he does.

Seyyed Ebrahim Raeesi, in a speech at the Al-Quds Pulpit ceremony, which was held simultaneously in Tehran, Damascus, Sana’a, Beirut, and Baghdad with the slogan “Toofan al-Ahrar” and by the leaders of the resistance axis, and was broadcast on several satellite channels, at the beginning of his speech. To the fighting and indefatigable people of Palestine, especially the oppressed people of the Gaza Strip, who today, men and women, children, old and young, are all at the forefront of jihad and resistance, and to the responsible and zealous young people of the Islamic Ummah, who have their hearts in the cause of Quds, and All men and women of clear conscience all over the world who, regardless of their religion, religion and nationality, as a result of human nature and conscientious and moral duty, are disgusted by the crimes of the child-killing regime and the Zionist despotism and the shameful silence of the West regarding these crimes. .

President Imam Khomeini’s (RA) historical and intelligent strategy in naming the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan as the International Quds Day is an inspiring and unifying move in defense of keeping the cause of the Palestinian nation alive, strengthening the front of resistance and unity. The Islamic Ummah considered it a reminder of the nearness of the final victory of the suffering and patient Palestinian people over the aggressors and a symbol of the solidarity, unity and empathy of the Islamic Ummah to solve the Palestinian issue and expel the aggressors from all occupied Palestinian lands.

Raisi added: As long as the occupation of Quds Sharif continues, as the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khamenei, said, “Every day of the year is Quds Day; Quds Sharif, the heart of Palestine and the entire usurped country, is the continuation of Quds.”

Pointing out that today the resistance of the Palestinian people and the blood of the martyrs of the resistance has yielded results and promises a different future, the president considered the most important factor in this issue to be the belief of the heart of the great Palestinian nation that in the fight against the criminal and aggressor enemy, at no time will it stop. They have not sat down and have never been captured by compromising deals.

Raisi stated: Thanks to the zeal, faith and courage of the Palestinians during the Al-Aqsa storm, today it has become clear to everyone that the false palace of Zionism is weaker than a spider’s house, and the world is watching the fulfillment of this sincere promise of God. The historical operations of the Palestinians have driven the Zionist criminal army to despair, and to rebuild their lost image, they have killed oppressed women and children with the most advanced weapons, and to compensate for the strategic blow caused by the Al-Aqsa storm, they have resorted to committing war crimes and genocide.

The president stated that the recent developments in Gaza showed more than ever that the usurping Zionist regime did not adhere to any humanitarian, moral, legal and international principles and to cover up its internal weaknesses, it resorted to any brutal and inhumane measures. He said: “Today, the issue of Palestine and Gaza has become an indicator between the two situations of “adherence” or “opposition” to human principles and has become a benchmark for Islamic and human honor.

Raeesi pointed out that unfortunately, the false claimants of human rights in the West have made an embarrassing silence and not only do not try to stop the killing machine, but also openly and covertly participate in it, centered on America, and emphasized: Without any doubt, America He is the definite accomplice of the crime of the Zionist regime in Gaza.

The president stated that the exemplary patience and perseverance of the people of Gaza and the resistance forces in the past six months, which is due to their firm faith and belief, has caused the Zionist enemy to not achieve any of its strategic goals in the Gaza war, and noted that if If a nation relies on the power of faith, it will find the ability to overcome material powers and will surely taste the joy of victory; This is a divine promise and divine traditions are inviolable.

Raeesi considered the Al-Aqsa storm operation as a reaction to a long period of destruction, oppression and brutality and a message to the indifference and silence of the human rights groups and societies against the successive crimes of the Zionist regime and the desecration of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and said: “The Al-Aqsa storm is a turning point in The history is the struggle against the occupation and the process of the Palestinian struggle is divided into before and after it; The world and the region will not return to the conditions before this operation, and the insane commission of war crimes and the massacre of women and children by the Zionists will not be able to cover up their irreparable failures.

Stating that the Zionist usurper regime is facing a lot of problems in both the political and military fields today, the President added: In the military field, the will of the Palestinians prevailed over the multi-layered defense systems of the Zionists, making the illusion of invincibility of this regime unfounded. and the high level of vulnerability of this regime was revealed to the world. This fake regime in the political field is also on the border of internal collapse more than ever.

Emphasizing that the continuation of disgraceful compromise projects such as “normalization”, thanks to the blood of Palestinian fighters, has turned into gambling on a losing horse, the remarkable point of this stormy event in the world is that the awakening of consciences and public opinion in the world, It has not been defeated by the “impression and oppression of the Zionist regime” and the movement of this regime was condemned even by the people of the countries supporting this regime and these condemnations continue.

The president considered the numerous marches and protests both in the countries of the region and at the world level as the reason for the breach in the safe fence of the media around the illegitimate Zionist regime and stated: The nations of the world have realized more than ever the importance and necessity of standing up against this ugly demon. . The heavy attacks and crimes of the Zionist regime, contrary to what the criminal leaders of this regime imagine, have made the Palestinian people, both in the Gaza Strip and in the West Bank, more determined to continue resisting and fighting the aggressors.

Raisi stated that the previous compromise plans and the more recent humiliating plans have all gone to the archives of history and that no plan and idea for the future of Palestine can be implemented without the opinion of the original owners of this land, he clarified: The Islamic Republic of Iran announced as before has supported the resistance and emphasizes the legitimacy of the Palestinian people in the fight against the usurping enemy.

The president stressed: Violation of all humanitarian principles and international regulations, including the terrorist attack of this regime on the consulate of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Damascus, although it will not go unanswered, but it shows the peak of frustration and helplessness of this regime, which is frantically trying to cover up its failures. , does not refrain from any action in the crime against humanity.

Stating that by God’s will, the usurping Zionist regime will be punished by the brave men of the resistance front and they will regret this crime and others like it, he clarified: I send my greetings to the pure souls of all the martyrs of the Palestinian resistance and the martyrs of the Quds path. From the bottom of my heart, I pay tribute to the patient and suffering people of the Gaza Strip, who have been continuously targeted by the child-killing regime’s criminal attacks for the past months.

The president noted: The Iranian nation considers itself to be with all the fighters who are standing today in the front line of the fight against arrogance in the region. We warmly shake the hands of all those fighters and express our thanks and appreciation to all nations for supporting the resistance of the zealous, faithful and brave youth of Palestine and Lebanon.


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