Rapper shoots her manager dead in the street in Miami after an altercation

Rapper shoots her manager dead in the street in Miami after an altercation

“Pretty gangster.” Kevhani Camilla Hicks, 27, who goes by the name Key Vhani on stage, wasn’t lying on her Instagram bio. The young woman who looks like Nicki Minaj, an up-and-coming rapper from the Miami area, has been in the hands of American justice for several weeks, accused of murder. This Floridian shot her manager in the street, in front of the famous Wynwood Walls in the city of Miami. A new video released by NBC6, a local station, shows the moment the aspiring rapper shot her manager at point-blank range last month, on October 9.

The video shows Khevani in formal attire and another man arguing next to a white car, before things escalate. The scene takes place across the entrance to Wynwood Walls, the seaside resort’s temple of street art. The altercation escalates and a second man intervenes. It even turned into a street fight, with one of the two men violently tackling the rapper to the ground, until she managed to get up and walk away.

But Key Vhani does not stop there. As she pretends to go in the other direction, the video shows her rummaging through her purse. Quickly, she turns around, takes out a small caliber and opens fire several times on her manager who remains on the sidewalk.

The latter tries to escape, but is finally hit by one of the projectiles. He collapses on the road. The rapper perched on his heels approaches him and then shoots him at point blank range. The scene takes on yet another dimension in the moments that follow, when Khey Vani is hit by the white sedan, which then tries to run over her… and the driver flees.

In prison, the rapper opens a fundraiser

According to the arrest report, Miami Police officers responded to an alert near Wynwood Walls, and found a man who had been shot multiple times lying on the ground, and the rapper with injuries and injuries. important, nearby. The man, whose identity has not been released, died from his injuries. Khevani was also hospitalized before being released and questioned by police.

During her interrogation, the “Don’t Act Up” author told detectives that she had a verbal argument with her manager, which quickly escalated and took a “physical turn,” according to the document. police officer. The rapper said she opened fire because she feared for her life, according to the report. She was arrested and imprisoned. She is expected to be released shortly on $50,000 bail and house arrest. In court last month while setting bail, Khevani Hicks’ court-appointed attorney said it was a “clear case of self-defense.” The rapper organized a fundraiser to finance her legal costs and cries “injustice”.


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