rather unexpected answer — UNIAN

rather unexpected answer — UNIAN

Specialists revealed how long coffee is “useful” for the body.

How many cups of coffee do gastroenterologists allow themselves during the day and what do they advise others, given the opinion that coffee can have a “bad” effect on the stomach and leave a person unable to sleep at night.

Experts revealed the secret of their daily coffee intake to Newsweek. According to the majority, despite the caffeine content and other “buts”, they definitely do not eliminate coffee from their diet.

How many cups of coffee do gastroenterologists drink and what are the benefits of this?

Chief physician and director of the department of gastroenterology and endoscopy in the city of Hope Phoenix Tufik Kachaami says that his personal metabolism of caffeine allows him to drink only one cup of the drink. He usually drinks coffee during breakfast, so it does not affect his sleep at night. But, if you exaggerate with coffee, the body will feel it.

Kachaami advises to focus on one’s own capabilities when it comes to the daily norm of coffee: someone drinks more, and someone, like him, cannot tolerate more caffeine. “People with a ‘fast metabolism of caffeine’ can tolerate more coffee than people with a slow metabolism,” he said.

According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), coffee promotes digestion and “beneficial” processes in the human intestine: polyphenol compounds contained in coffee increase the level of acid produced by the stomach for digestion, and also positively affects the microflora of “good” bacteria. This has been proven by scientists a long time ago.

Decaffeinated coffee is a trend, is there any benefit?

But what about decaffeinated coffee? Recently, this is a “trend” offered by almost all well-known franchises.

A gastroenterologist from the University of Western Sydney, Vincent Ho (also known by the nickname Gut Doctor), says that it is really beneficial for a person to consume such coffee.

“Caffeinated coffee is good for liver health, including reducing the risk of chronic liver disease. I avoid caffeine because it can affect my sleep,” he said.

According to Ho, his daily norm of coffee is two cups of this decaffeinated drink.

What will happen if you drink a lot of coffee?

Some properties of coffee are really specific and can cause discomfort to those who do not perceive a lot of caffeine or, even being “tolerant” to coffee, overdid it with their espresso.

Excessive coffee consumption can make us visit the bathroom more often, which can lead to dehydration. If a person loses a lot of fluid, the negative consequence that follows is constipation.

However, not all specialists agree with this opinion. James Tabibian, a gastroenterologist from the University of California, Davis, says that he regularly drinks coffee and does not consider it a “harmful” drink in terms of possible harm to the digestive system. There is only one exception. According to the doctor, coffee with caffeine can provoke gastroesophageal reflux in a separate group of people. If there is such a problem, Tabibian advises to really support the “coffee without coffee” trend in your diet, that is, without caffeine.

At the same time, the doctor says that there is one proven benefit from coffee consumption.

“There are studies that show that coffee has a protective effect on the health of the digestive system,” he says.

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How much coffee do you need to drink so that the brain “turns on” to work

Scientists say that coffee is good for the brain. Actually, using it in large quantities can improve the “work of the head”. But it should be understood how many cups a day we are talking about.

The corresponding study was conducted with the participation of 2,000 people. a person aged 45 to 74 years. The results of 4 groups of people who regularly drank coffee were compared. So, what is the optimal amount of coffee for the brain per day, read in the material.

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