Reaching a Wider Market, Hijaberies Brand Opens First Offline Store in Bandung

Reaching a Wider Market, Hijaberies Brand Opens First Offline Store in Bandung

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, BANDUNG — The shopping trend of Indonesian people in 2023 has begun to shift to visiting physical stores compared to shopping online. This is based on data from

from the Indonesian Shopping Center Management Association (APPBI), as well as visits to e-commerce sites which have decreased and resulted in transaction values ​​not meeting Bank Indonesia’s target in 2022.

This change in trend is also being closely watched by one of the hijab fashion brands in the country. Namely, Hijaberies, which in March 2023 dared to open its first offline shop in the Balubur Townsquare (Baltos) area of ​​Bandung.

According to the owner of Hijaberies, Geneva Hereka, she dared to open an offline shop because of the large demand from consumers who wanted to come directly to see the products. “We opened an offline shop because we are expanding marketing penetration based on the results of interviews with online buyers who still need an offline shop,” said Geneva, Tuesday (21/11/2023) in Bandung.

Geneva said that the products and prices sold in stores and on the marketplace are the same and there is no difference. “Products such as Quad Hijab, Pashmina, Instant Hijab, Bergo & Khimar are available at the outlet,” he said.

Regarding the reasons for choosing the city of Bandung for its first outlet, Geneva said, Bandung is the strongest market in its hijab business.

As is known, the hijab product business can promise quite good profits if done well and on target. The market for hijab products tends to increase from year to year. Because more and more Muslim women consider hijab products as a lifestyle choice.

Hijaberies also admitted to Geneva that sales increased after the existence of this offline store. Namely, an increase of up to 30 percent. Also, this trend is very good. Because Geneva is well aware of the desires of Muslim women who expect quality hijab products and prices that are not expensive.

“For our market share, the average consumer comes from students, housewives and office workers,” he said.

Currently, he said, Hijaberies is implementing omnichannel, a strategy that combines all channels, both online and offline. So the business can be stronger.

“We continue to balance online and offline sales, so that consumers are free to choose the products they want to buy,” said Geneva.

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