Rebellion Prigozhin – the head of the PMC wanted to speak in the State Duma — UNIAN

Rebellion Prigozhin – the head of the PMC wanted to speak in the State Duma — UNIAN

He tried to attract Putin’s attention, they write.

On the day when the former head of the Russian private military company “Wagner” Yevgeny Prigozhin organized a mutiny, he planned to speak in the State Duma of the Russian Federation criticizing the military leadership.

The Moscow Times writes about this with reference to sources. According to them, on the evening of June 23, representatives of the “Just Russia – Patriots – For the Truth” party spoke in the State Duma, criticizing the government for insufficient support for the occupation army.

Prigozhin wanted to come to this meeting to criticize the Russian military leadership. Moreover, his entourage considered the possibility that Sergey Surovykin would be with him. “He was going to announce all the gloom on the SVO, on the Ministry of Defense, how many victims there really are among our fighters. In general, the whole f*zd*s,” – his acquaintance told journalists.

According to the interlocutors of the publication, at some point the head of the PMC lost direct access to Putin, so he looked for ways to convey his statements to him. Back in the spring, he wanted to “return Putin’s favor” with the help of a speech in the State Duma, but he was refused.

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“Prygozhin needed a status, official platform with a coat of arms. According to the idea, in that case, his statements without censorship would definitely be brought and put directly on Putin’s table,” said a person close to the leadership of the State Duma.

Despite serious preparation for the plan, which was supposed to lead to a big scandal, on June 22 Prigozhin refused to participate in the event without explaining the reasons.

Prigozhin’s rebellion

Let us remind you that this summer the leader of the mercenaries announced that the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation shelled their positions, after which he announced a “march of justice.” On the way to Moscow, they did not meet resistance and captured several military facilities.

200 kilometers from the Russian capital, Prigozhin stopped the troops and ordered them to return. It was stated that this happened after negotiations with Lukashenko, who promised security to the Wagnerites.

On August 23, exactly two months after the mutiny, Prigozhin’s plane crashed in the Tver region, with the head of the PMC himself and his associates on board.

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