Regional councilor of the League against Giulia’s sister: “Patriarchy does not exist, she is a Satanist: that is true evil”

Regional councilor of the League against Giulia’s sister: “Patriarchy does not exist, she is a Satanist: that is true evil”

BOLOGNA The words of Elena Cecchettin “they are unacceptable” and must be “firmly rejected”, because “it is not the non-existent patriarchy that produces this violence”. To support it is Matteo Montevecchiregional councilor of the League in Emilia-Romagna, who attacks Giulia’s sister on Facebook for the statements on Filippo Turetta, defined as a “healthy child of patriarchal society”. A concept that Montevecchi rejects, targeting Elena Cecchettin also for the symbols considered Satanist in her social images, as the regional councilor of Veneto has already done, Stefano Valdegmaberi, who ended up in a storm in his region. “Someone should explain why Elena, to deliver her speech steeped in ideology – attacks the Northern League member – showed up worldwide with a Thrasher sweatshirt which recalls the world of the occult and Satanism (symbol of the pentagram) and above all why on his Instagram profile, which is public and which anyone could see in a few seconds, there are photos of him with upside-down crosses on his face, satanic necklaces, statues of Lucifer and so on. Essentially the representation of evil, the real one.”

Montevecchi reports Elena’s words. She and she presses on. “All men and women who have not yet fallen hand and foot into the trap of the vortex of this worrying generalization and rhetoric should reiterate that these words are unacceptable and that it is pure propaganda functional to the spread of a certain thought which forces us to believe that the mere fact of being men is a fault and that therefore there is a need for state re-education. This is ‘woke’ ideology to the nth degree, which preaches an incessant division between men and women to be rejected firmly.”

According to Montevecchi, however, it is “useful to go deeper to understand that it is not the now non-existent patriarchy that produces this violence, but the loss of values ​​and the spread of a dangerous narcissistic culture that sees the other no longer as a person” .


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