Release of hostages: Israel agreed to an agreement to release part of the hostages

Release of hostages: Israel agreed to an agreement to release part of the hostages

Israel agreed to an agreement on the release of part of the hostages. Photo:

The Israeli authorities are preparing to make a difficult but necessary decision regarding the agreement on the release of some of the hostages held by Palestinian radicals in the Gaza Strip.

All security structures of the country support him. This was said by the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu.

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“President of the United States Joe Biden helped improve for Israel the terms of the agreement on the release of part of the hostages held in Gaza. However, Israel intends to bring its military operation against the Palestinian radical movement Hamas to an end, despite a possible temporary ceasefire in order to release part of the hostages in the enclave,” Netanyahu said.

Earlier in the mass media there was information that Israel may return part of the hostages captured by the militants from the captivity of the terrorist organization Hamas already on Thursday, November 23. The preliminary agreement provides for the return of approximately 50 women and minors.

The detained Hamas terrorists may be returned in exchange for a four-five-day temporary ceasefire, the release of 150 to 300 Palestinian prisoners, and the import of fuel and other goods into the Gaza Strip.

Probably, the exchange will take place in stages, about 12 hostages will be released per day. Later, the authorities will publish detailed information about the Palestinian prisoners who have been submitted for exchange.

According to The Guardian, hostages held by Hamas and “Islamic Jihad” may return to Israel. Among them will be civilians from Israel and other countries, but not military personnel.

In October, Israel came under rocket fire, and Hamas terrorists entered the country, killed people and took hostages.

The Israel Defense Forces, the IDF, responded by launching the anti-terrorist operation “Iron Swords”. Israel has returned to control all settlements on the border with Gaza.

Last month, the IDF launched a ground operation in the Gaza Strip. Israeli troops completely surrounded the city of Gaza. Several Hamas commanders were killed. However, the Islamic world condemned Israel’s actions.


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