Rent an apartment in Kyiv – how much does it cost to rent a 1-room apartment

Rent an apartment in Kyiv – how much does it cost to rent a 1-room apartment

Renting apartments has grown significantly in Kyiv. Over the past 6 months, prices have risen by 47.12% – from an average of UAH 11,895 to UAH 17,500. Thus, the price increase amounted to UAH 5,605.

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This is reported by M2bomber. At the same time, it is noted that housing has also increased in annual terms. Moreover, it is also quite serious: by 35.5% – by UAH 4,585.

But in a month, prices have decreased – however, almost imperceptibly. The price reduction was less than 1% – UAH 167.

Renting apartments has grown significantly in Kyiv

1-room apartments are most often rented for UAH 12,000 – 8.2% are advertised. Prices are also often found:

  • UAH 10,400, UAH 12,800 – 6.9%;
  • UAH 7,200, UAH 8,800, UAH 16,800 – 5.7%.

Rent price of a 1-room apartment

It is also possible to rent such housing for very low amounts – UAH 2,400 (0.6%). And also UAH 3,200 (1.3%). However, most likely, in this case, you will have to face the lack of certain communications or other inconveniences.

In Kyiv, you can rent a 1-room apartment for UAH 2,400

According to analysts, most often 2-room apartments in Kyiv are rented for 12,000 UAH and 14,000 UAH. There are 6.2% of such announcements. Also “popular” prices:

  • UAH 10,000, UAH 18,000 – 5.8%;
  • UAH 8,000 – 4.6%.

Rent price of a 2-room apartment

In addition, such housing can be rented for UAH 6,000. However, there are only 0.8% of those announced.

You can rent a 2-room apartment for little money

Most often, 3-room apartments in Kyiv are rented for UAH 20,400 – 8.2% of them are advertised. Also “popular” prices:

  • UAH 15,600, UAH 30,000 – 7%;
  • UAH 25,200 – 6.4%.

How much do you need to pay for a 3-room apartment

“Treshki” are also rented for UAH 7,200. Such announced ones are 0.6% of the total number.


In general, according to analysts, apartments in different districts of the capital are rented at average prices ranging from UAH 13,000 to UAH 30,120. The highest prices were recorded in Pechersk – an average of UAH 30,120. And in addition:

  • Shevchenkivskyi – UAH 28,904;
  • Podolsk – UAH 22,000.

The cheapest apartment to rent in Desnyan district of the capital is UAH 13,000. And also:

  • Darnytskyi – UAH 13,500;
  • Dnipro – UAH 13,800;
  • Obolonsk – UAH 14,000;
  • Svyatoshynsk – UAH 15,000;
  • Goloseevsk, Solomensk – UAH 18,000.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, a properly drafted lease agreement protects the rights of both the lessee and the lessor. Therefore, the name and address of the parties must be specified in the document, the object of the lease must be specified, it is an apartment, a room, a residential house or its part, etc.

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