Reporter’s Notes: How to take full advantage of the dividends after the traffic has reached?

Reporter’s Notes: How to take full advantage of the dividends after the traffic has reached?

  Tianjin Northern Network News:In the era of Internet celebrity economy, attention is a scarce resource and a resource that can create value. “Come to the northwest corner for breakfast!” unlocked the traffic code of Jinwei Culture in 2023, opening traffic channels for the northwest corner area, Hongqiao District and even Tianjin City. In the era of rapid ups and downs of the attention economy, how to seize and continue this wave of dividends? How to amplify breakfast traffic to various aspects such as tourism and consumption, amplify the traffic effect, and even combine and upgrade each other to derive new production capacity and create a closed-loop ecosystem with a hematopoietic mechanism? After the traffic channel was opened, these have become new issues facing merchants, regional governments, and social forces in the northwest corner.

“The northwest corner area has attracted the attention of tourists from all over the country through its unique breakfast culture. Both merchants and local governments need to pay attention to the protection and exploration of regional resources and attention. By opening the traffic entrance from catering, can it be further expanded to the flow of goods, Accommodation, urban tourism, etc. need to be jointly managed by multiple parties.” Professor Liu Gang, director of the Institute of Economics at Nankai University, said: “With the development of the Internet celebrity economy, we cannot just rely on the existing natural traffic, but must consciously guide development and form New regional industries are developed on a large scale, thereby stimulating regional economy. Taking Wuzhen as an example, it once relied on natural traffic to attract tourists. The World Internet Conference Wuzhen Summit, Wuzhen Theater Festival and other events organized by the local government have combined natural and human factors. Combined, the traffic crowd structure attracted has also expanded from ordinary tourists to people related to emerging industries such as culture and the Internet, forming an industrial agglomeration effect, thus forming a transformation from natural traffic to industrial upgrading. With the ultra-high popularity of the northwest corner, suitable areas can also be explored A new model of development.”

The northwest corner has attracted visitors from all over the world, and has also become popular in surrounding hotels, attractions, shopping malls and other consumer places. It is located in the northwest corner of Hongqiao District. The driving effect has radiated to the neighboring Nankai District, Hebei District, and even many Binhai New Districts. Tourists also come here specifically to check in. According to reports, in the future, Northwest Corner Snacks may cooperate with hotels in Hongqiao District or other surrounding areas to provide hotel guests with a green channel to taste Northwest Corner breakfast, in order to further enhance the regional consumption atmosphere.

Professor Liu Gang believes: “Exploring the heritage of food culture, telling good stories, and developing an industrialized development model may become a reference direction for the subsequent development of the northwest corner.” For example, how can tourists take home the Tianjin breakfast that is made and eaten right now? In-depth research can be carried out from aspects such as production technology, packaging materials and packaging methods to maintain the taste and freshness of food while extending its shelf life. And by breaking through this bottleneck, Northwest Corner Food can truly realize the online and offline dual-track parallel consumption experience of the era. At the same time, “Northwest Corner” can be upgraded from a tourist check-in label to a brand label of Tianjin Food. Just like the process from Yangzhou Saltwater Goose’s unmanned sales point QR code ordering to online large-scale sales; another example is the shelf life of the preservative-free green dumplings abundant in Jiangnan, which only lasts about 2 days. Through vacuum packaging and low-temperature transportation, it has become more popular. The time and space constraints of fresh food check-in have been significantly alleviated. Professor Liu Gang suggested that “we can provide more possibilities for the brand expansion and sustainable development of northwest corner gourmet food by utilizing the resources of universities in this city to jointly develop packaging technology and develop network platforms.” (Jinyun News Editor Liu Ying)


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