“Reporters Without Borders” learned about the imprisonment of journalist Hylyuk in the Russian Federation — UNIAN

“Reporters Without Borders” learned about the imprisonment of journalist Hylyuk in the Russian Federation — UNIAN


Imprisonment seems to have been a rather difficult test for Khylyuk mentally, but physically he looked normal.

UNIAN journalist Dmitry Khilyuk, kidnapped by the Russians, had a long conversation with the recently released prisoners of war on May 12, 2023, when they and 12 other Ukrainian prisoners were transported in a van from the Novozybkov prison.

Since the trip took more than 24 hours, the RSF source had enough time to talk to Khilyuk, who was held in a cell next to him in Novozybkovskaya prison.

The prison sentence, it seems, was “a rather difficult test for Khylyuk morally, but physically he looked normal,” said the source, who confirmed that Khylyuk spent at least three months in solitary confinement.

“Most of all, he was worried about his mother, who is sick,” he said. During the conversation, Hylyuk told Igor that he repeatedly asked for permission to call the family or UNIAN, but the authorities of the Novozybkov colony never gave him permission.

The two men were separated after arriving in the penal colony. A few months later, the interlocutor was transferred to the third prison in the Mordovia region, a few hundred kilometers to the south, and finally released in January 2024, and never saw Hylyuk again. So far, there is no evidence confirming that Khylyuk was also transferred to Mordovia.

“The stories of this witness are new confirmation that Dmytro Hylyuk is in captivity in Russia. Unfortunately, neither the Ukrainian authorities nor the International Committee of the Red Cross have heard from him for many months. Last week’s news about the death in prison of the opposition leader Vladimir Putin only increases our concern and the concern of the journalist’s relatives. We ask the Russian authorities to release him or at least provide evidence of his life,” said Arno Froger, head of the investigative department of RSF.

Abduction of Khylyuk – details

UNIAN correspondent Dmytro Khilyuk is among the civilian Ukrainians held captive by Russia. He and his father were kidnapped by the Russian occupiers in the first days of March 2022 during the occupation of the Kyiv region. Later, the older man was released, and Dmitry was illegally taken to Russia.

Dmitry received the Platform of European Memory and Conscience award. The award ceremony took place in Warsaw (Poland) as part of the annual meeting of platform members. The award for Dmitry was received by his colleague, UNIAN correspondent Tatiana Polyakovskaya.

Representatives of 48 institutes took part in the event. In total, the platform includes 68 institutes and organizations from 23 countries in Europe and North America. They supported Dmitry’s candidacy by an absolute majority.

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